Two Ocala residents share thoughts on casinos, gambling

Two Ocala residents share thoughts on casinos, gambling
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In response to a recent letter from a resident who stated that Ocala/Marion County should have a casino, two more residents wrote in to voice their opinions on the topic.

“A stating that Marion County should have casino-style slot games is absolutely correct. We have off track or intertrack wagering. We have a horse track being wasted. We have poker card games out at the old jai alai, so why not add slots? And let the horses run. Designate a percentage of the take to the sheriff and everybody wins,” says Guy Mongello, Ocala resident.

“Gambling and slot machines are all rigged. What about state-of-the-art indoor pickleball courts with bowling, along with any other indoor activities that everyone can enjoy without throwing their money away on gambling,” says Ocala resident Wayne Stein.

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