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Gambling has always been a huge part of human culture. Ancient texts, dating back to Greece, Egypt, Persia, etc., mention dice games, on the outcome of which men placed wagers. What is more, archeologists have found dice dating back to Ancient China. Analyses all point to the fact that these dice were used for gambling.

Of course, the influence of China, and Asia in general, remains popular in the modern gambling industry. Macau is one of the greatest gambling hubs, known worldwide as the “Vegas of the East.” The game Pai Gow, originally from China, is now a staple of most Western casinos, from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo.

And, of course, Asian culture, history, mythology, and civilization are also a huge influence on online casinos. If you were to try and find real money casino games online, you would discover many slots that deal with Chinese, Japanese, or Asian culture. In this article, we would like to review the best Asia-inspired slot games you can play in 2023.

Fortunes of China (Concept Gaming)

Concept Gaming’s 2014 slot remains one of the company’s most popular nine years after its release. As the name implies, the game draws heavy inspiration from Chinese culture and history, especially focusing on Chinese artifacts and relics. With special, unique symbols encompassing golden coins, pavilions, and crowns, the Fortunes of China slot truly resurrects Eastern culture.

Mechanics-wise, the game may not appeal to high-reward chasers. The maximum win is only $30 x bet, around $1500. Certainly, not a lot, especially when compared to other slots. However, the simplistic 5×3 reel slot is simple, fun, and engaging, which will engross a newbie audience. The game is also great for low-risk/low-reward players.

While the game does not have any special jackpots or prizes, it remains among the most beloved slots Concept Gaming has produced. Certainly, that fact speaks for itself. With an RTP of %97, it is the perfect place to start.

Fortunate Buddha (RTG)

Realtime Gaming’s Fortunate Buddha is another well-loved game. The simple 5×3-reels are accompanied by 50 different paylines. Not only that, but players can wager anywhere between $0.50 and $50, for a maximum win of $2,500.000. Though only released in 2022, Fortunate Buddha has already become one of the best games from the RTG library.

As the name suggests, the game takes heavy inspiration from Buddhism, and its beliefs. The game’s mascot is Budai or the happy Buddha. Often confused for the Buddha, Budai symbolizes happiness, bliss, and, most importantly, good fortune. So, it is unsurprising that the game carries the name “Fortunate Buddha.”

With a relatively average RTP, a high maximum payout, and a relatively high maximum bet, the Fortunate Buddha will appeal to some high-risk/high-reward players. However, it is very unlikely to scare off newbies as well. From that perspective, it is a great game for gamblers.

Kensei Blades

In 2023, anime and manga have become just as popular as American comics. Nowadays, if you speak to the average fan of heroes like She-Hulk, Spider-Man, or Batman, they will likely be familiar with Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto. And it is precise because of manga’s surge in popularity that slots have begun dipping their toes in anime-inspired themes.

And thus, we have Kensei Blades. Betsoft’s 5-reel fantasy slot takes heavy inspiration from Japanese history, culture, and, most importantly, anime. The main protagonists are clearly inspired by games like Dragon Quest and television shows like Slayers, Sailor Moon, and more.

In terms of gameplay, the game is mostly designed to appeal to new players. With over 700 paylines, a relatively low maximum and minimum bet, and an incredibly hefty payout of over 3000 x your bet, Kensei Blades is certainly a game worth checking out, no matter who you are.


1.      Is it possible to gamble for real money online?

Yes. In 2023, gamblers can access any online casino and play most of their favorite games for real money.

2.      Is it possible to gamble online for free?

That is also possible. Many so-called “social” casinos have made it big in 2023. These websites allow gamblers to play casino games without wagering a dime. In essence, they are simply “casinos for fun.”

3.      What are popular Asia-themed slots?

Plenty of popular slots take heavy inspiration from Ancient China, Feudal Japan, or many other Asian cultures. In fact, “Asia” is one of the most popular themes regarding online slots.

4.      Do Asia-themed slots offer beneficial odds?

It depends on the slot. Some of the ones we mentioned are an excellent choice for any player.

5.      What are other popular themes in online slots?

Fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and classic fruit slots.

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