The world’s top 10 most expensive casinos for the high roller in 2023

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The world’s top 10 most expensive casinos for the high roller in 2023
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Online casinos have enjoyed a dramatic surge in popularity over recent years, and with land-based establishments forced to close their doors for prolonged periods during the global pandemic, a growing number of gambling enthusiasts began logging on to get their fix of Blackjack, Baccarat and other popular games online. With many of the best Mastercard online casinos offering generous bonuses and impressive VIP programmes, it’s easy to see why so many of us have been won over by the digital world – but now that the best-loved and finest bricks-and-mortar venues in the world are back open for business, it’s hard to deny the thrill of the real thing.

The glitz, the glamour, the sophistication – land-based casinos such as those in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore – many of which are based within sprawling five-star resorts – have an allure that’s impossible to ignore, with high-rollers and amateur gamblers alike flocking from across the globe to get a taste of what’s on offer. These grand buildings are known just as much not only for their plush interiors – and in some cases, their luxurious accommodation offerings and opulent facilities – as they are the casino games themselves, and with eye-watering amounts of money spent on bringing them to life and maintaining impossibly high standards throughout, they are well deserving of their esteemed statuses.

Several of the most luxurious casinos in Macau and Las Vegas have had billions of dollars spent on them, and in return, bring in impressive amounts in revenue each year. But all that luxury comes at a price, which means visiting or staying at any of these ten is guaranteed to mean a splurge on your part. These are the ten most expensive casinos in the world in 2023 – the only question is, which one to visit first?

The Venetian, Macau

The Venetian Macau is the sister property to the original Venetian in Las Vegas – and is equally as extravagant – if not more so. In fact, it’s now widely considered the world’s premier casino, which is no small feat – so expect to pay accordingly for the privilege of spending a few nights here. 

The priciest property in billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s group (Las Vegas Sands) was one of the first super resorts to open on the Cotai Strip. The casino now has over 3,000 slot machines, and 870 gaming tables, while the resort itself boasts a huge 3,000 hotel rooms and 24 restaurants. A night here in the most expensive suites in Venetian Macau can cost you around £20,000, so if you’re a high-roller and craving the ultimate splurge in more ways than one, then look no further.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort, Johannesburg

Home to the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere, the Tusk Rio is located just a few hours’ drive from Johannesburg, the economic capital of South Africa and draws inspiration from Brazilian festivals and the famous carnival of Rio de Janeiro. The gaming area at Tusk Casino features over 257 slot machines, 12 gaming tables, and 2 restaurant bars. It is over 24,000 m².

MGM Grand Macau, Macau

The MGM Grand Macau was born of a partnership between the North American group MGM and the daughter of the Macau casino magnate, Stanley Ho. The resort opened its doors in 2007 on more than 20,000 m² and offered 835 slot machines and 410 gaming tables, with nearly 600 lavish rooms and suites and a choice of 12 restaurants and bars for guests to choose from The group also plans to expand the hotel in the coming years, but it’s already one of the most expensive casino resorts in Asia in 2023.

MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada

Having opened its doors all the way back in 1993, the MGM Grand Las Vegas is one of the oldest to be included in our line-up – but with huge amounts of money poured into it over the years to maintain a high standard throughout, it easily retains its status up there with the best of the more modern establishments it competes with. Spread over more than 16,000 m² with more than 2,300 slot machines and 178 gaming tables, the resort also boasts 20 high-end restaurants and bars and over 5,000 luxury rooms and suites, making it one of the largest resorts in the world. The most expensive 10,000-square-foot suite at MGM Grand will cost you a whooping $25,000 a night, making it a great choice for a special occasion.

Lisbon Casino, Lisbon

The Lisbon Casino can be found at the heart of Portugal’s stylish capital city and is one of the largest casino resorts in Europe. Counting more than 15,000 m², 1,000 slot machines, 26 gaming tables, and seven restaurants and bars amongst its credentials, as well as 1,000 opulent accommodation options, it’s easy to see why it’s a favourite amongst mainland Europe’s high-rollers, and at just a short hop for UK jet-setters too, it is single-handedly responsible for attracting plenty of casino tourism to the city. One of Casino Lisboa’s shareholders is none other than Stanley Ho, who also owns multiple casino resorts in Macau and Las Vegas, so it stands to reason that the Lisbon Casino should be a good one. If you’ve yet to visit, then be sure to add it to your list.

The Wynn, Las Vegas

The Wynn in Las Vegas was built back in 2005, making it another one of the older casino hotels still commanding a hefty price tag. The eponymous owner, Steve Wynn, spared no expense in creating one of the most luxurious casinos in the city nearly eighteen years ago, and it certainly shows; the casino is the star of the show, with over 2,000 slot machines and 200 gaming tables awaiting visitors over almost 10,000 square metres. The Wynn also boasts its own golf course, regularly hosts concerts by the most prominent international stars, and is home to numerous luxury restaurants with executive suites, costing guests over £10,000 a night.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Next up is the famous Caesars Palace, standing tall in the night sky of Las Vegas. Spread across over 3,900 square metres, the grand casino opened its doors in 1966, but regular upgrades have ensured that the casino has remained one of the most luxurious in Sin City. Mixing opulent classic elements with thoroughly modern tweaks, suites costing over £50,000 a night make it still one of the most expensive casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Baden Casino Germany

The Baden Casino is spread over ​​32 square feet of sheer opulence and grandeur, and is easily one of the most impressive casinos in Europe. Known for its flashing lights and cascading troughs of water springs, it promises a thoroughly memorable experience for those willing to part with their cash for the privilege. It’s almost impossible to believe that it first opened its doors over 200 years ago, but it’s this rich history that all adds to its allure. Offering a more intimate setting than many other luxury casinos, it offers 24 gaming tables for visitors to choose from – and with an estimated value of $10 billion dollars, it’s undoubtedly one of the world’s most expensive casinos in that respect.

Monte-Carlo Casino

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is a playground for the rich and famous, attracting billionaires from across the globe. Another historic casino that has stood the test of time with ease thanks to ongoing investments to keep it at the top of its game, it comes with the added benefit of being located in one of the wealthiest destinations in the world, and with its highly-sought-after and utterly indulgent Diamond Suites available for the hefty sum of £40,000 per night, it’s easily one of the most luxurious establishments on earth. 

City of Dreams Casino, Macau

The City of Dreams Casino is one of the world’s most famous and expensive gambling spots, with extravagant flashing light and swirling water installations giving it an awe-inspiring vibe from the moment you set foot onto its driveway. Home to what is widely dubbed a ‘mega-casino,’ there actually isn’t just one, but three separate ones – with this behemoth resort including four hotels, five towers and a whopping 2.270 sumptuous rooms and suites. Add to that its 30 restaurants and bars and over 175,000 of retail space, and it’s easy to see why it attracts an affluent crowd.

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