The (Mostly) New Slots A Fun

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The (Mostly) New Slots A Fun
Wild Casino

At long last, Slots A Fun on the north Strip next to (and owned by) Circus Circus has been modernized with new carpet, $2 blast-from-the-past offerings from the bar, a new table-game pit, and most noticeable of all, 75 vintage coin- (quarter) and token-($1)operated slots in 25-cent and $1 denominations.

As for the small pit, four blackjack tables have $5 minimums with $500 max bets. Roulette is played with $1 tokens, but requires a $10 minimum bet. And the electronic crap table has a live dealer.

All the old coin machines from Circus Circus were relocated to Slots A Fun and a few dozen more were bought from Vegas vendors to fill out the floor. As you walk in from Circus, you’re greeted by the dulcet sounds of coins dropping into hoppers from two back-to-back banks of Magnificent 7s (the sign boasts a 97.4% payback). When we were there on a Saturday around noon, the 20 machines were jammed with players loading them up with tokens.

Six more Magnificent 7s are near front door, along with Triple Stars, Triple Strike, Triple Double, Double Gold, and the good old Double Diamonds and Red White and Blue machines. Of course, the joint sports the big new slots (Buffalo and the like) and Wheel of Fortune.

You won’t find any change booths or roving change ladies, but you can change you bills into $1 tokens and quarters at the equally vintage machines. And the old-time change buckets are readily available.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that the whole front of the casino still opens right out onto the Strip sidewalk. The coin-clanging soundtrack definitely draws the older nostalgic passersby right in.

The gift shop on the north wall and the bar on the south are also basically the same, though there’s a self-serve drink, snack, souvenir, and sundry selection next to the bar where the food court used to be.

At the bar, you can get $2 Heinekens, hot dogs, and shrimp cocktails. We tried the shrimp, of course, and you can read that review here.

Parking is free in the surface lot and parking structures behind Circus Circus; you just have to walk through the madhouse to get to Slots A Fun.