The most beautiful casinos in Europe you have to visit

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The most beautiful casinos in Europe you have to visit
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Ashley won £1,153,000 from Fifty London Casino in 2008. The most beautiful casinos in Europe are listed below. They are located in the following countries: Europe, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK.

The Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco inspired the James Bond writer Ian Fleming to write the movie Casino Royale. Other James Bonds movies that were shot in this casino include Never Say Never and Goldeneye. The casino is open to the public and anyone can tour it. The restaurant is decorated in a boudoir style.

Casino di Venezia in Italy is considered the oldest casino in the world. It began its operations in 1638. The building served as a home for Italian royalty before it became a casino.

The Casino de Spa is a luxury resort in Wallone, Belgium. It was originally a relaxation centre. The wealthy people visit the casino to enjoy the cold springs. There are other recreational centres within the Casino, such as a ballroom, theatre and cultural centre, and a restaurant.

The Casino at the Empire is one of the most beautiful casinos in Europe. It was originally a music hall but it has since expanded to include games, restaurants, bars and many more. The design of this casino is reminiscent of Las Vegas.

Casino Estoril is a famous casino in Lisbon, Portugal. Ian Fleming was inspired by the casino's décor style in his book, Casino Royale. The poker room is praised for its elegance and there are ten bars and restaurants to choose from.

If you intend to start a casino or already have one, you may have to consider beautifying it. To enhance a Casino's beauty, one can plant gardens or install water fountains around it, so that clients are wowed and visit often.