The Lifestyle of An iGaming Specialist: Sharon Davies from AskGamblers Shares Her Experience

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The iGaming industry, a vibrant and ever-evolving domain, is shaped by the expertise and experiences of its professionals. One professional who stands out with her unique blend of writing prowess and gaming expertise is Sharon Davies, an iGaming writer and slots expert from AskGamblers. Her journey offers a glimpse into the life and challenges of an iGaming specialist.

Sharon Davies boasts rich experiences as a content writer with over eight years in the industry and as a seasoned gamer with a decade-long history in casinos. Her specialization in video slots and her writing acumen provide her with a distinctive vantage point in the iGaming world.

Q1: How has your expertise in video slots influenced the content you produce for AskGamblers?

Sharon: My deep-rooted expertise in video slots has been instrumental in shaping the content I produce. Understanding slots’ mechanics, themes, and intricacies allows me to provide readers with detailed reviews and insights.

I can dissect the features of a slot game, explain its volatility, and offer strategies or tips, all from a player’s perspective. This hands-on knowledge ensures that the content is informative and relatable to novice and seasoned players.

Q2: What challenges have you faced in balancing your roles as a writer and a gamer?

Sharon: Balancing the two roles requires discipline. While gaming offers firsthand experience, it’s essential to maintain objectivity and professionalism when translating those experiences into informative content for readers.

Q3: In your years of writing, how have you seen the iGaming industry evolve, especially regarding player preferences and game innovations?

Sharon: The iGaming industry has undergone significant transformations over the years. The evolution has been remarkable from the early days of basic three-reel slots to the immersive video slots with intricate themes and features we see today. Player preferences have also shifted; they seek games with engaging narratives, superior graphics, and innovative bonus features.

Additionally, the rise of mobile gaming has emphasized the need for games to be optimized for smaller screens without compromising the gaming experience.

Q4: Can you share some memorable experiences from your decade-long journey in casinos?

Sharon: Over the years, I’ve witnessed the evolution of video slots, experienced the thrill of big wins, and learned valuable lessons from losses. Each experience has increased my understanding of the game and the industry.

Q5: How do you ensure your content remains relevant and engaging for the iGaming community?

Sharon: I prioritize the needs and interests of the players. By actively participating in forums and understanding their concerns and queries, I tailor my content to address those needs, ensuring relevance and engagement.

Q6: How do you balance offering professional reviews and sharing personal gaming experiences in your content?

Sharon: Striking a balance is a challenge, but it also authenticates the content. While I ensure that my reviews are objective and based on factual information, I also weave in personal anecdotes or experiences when relevant.

This blend offers readers a comprehensive overview of the game while providing a personal touch, making the content relatable. It’s about merging the technical aspects with the human element of gaming.

Q7: Outside of AskGamblers, how do you unwind, and what are your interests?

Sharon: When I’m not engrossed in iGaming, I cherish spending quality time with my family. I also have a penchant for watching Netflix exploring new genres and series that offer a break from gaming.

Q8: How do you navigate the ever-evolving technological advancements in iGaming, ensuring your knowledge remains cutting-edge?

Sharon: Adapting to the rapid technological shifts in the iGaming sphere is both a challenge and a thrill. I make it a priority to continually educate myself, attending industry seminars and webinars.

Furthermore, I actively collaborate with game developers and tech experts to get firsthand information. It’s a blend of formal learning and hands-on experience that keeps me updated.

Q9: With a broad spectrum of slots available today, how do you decide which ones to review and what criteria do they need to meet?

Sharon: Selection is vital, given the sheer volume of games released regularly. My focus is always on quality, innovation, and player interest. While I tend to review games from reputable developers, I also give attention to promising newcomers.

I look for games with unique themes, compelling features, and potential to captivate players. User feedback from forums also plays a significant role in guiding my selection.


Sharon Davies’ journey in the iGaming industry underscores the importance of passion, continuous learning, and genuine engagement with the community. Her dual roles as a gamer and writer give her a unique perspective, enabling her to create informative and resonant content with the iGaming community.

As the industry continues to grow and evolve, professionals like Sharon play a pivotal role in shaping its narrative, ensuring that players and readers receive accurate, relevant, and engaging content.