Take the Gamalyze test to see what kind of gambler you are

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Take the Gamalyze test to see what kind of gambler you are
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Gamalyze is a tool created to help bettors gain a better understanding of their gambling habits. Visit this article to take the test today

Gamalyze has been created by Mindway AI as a way of helping people understand responsible gambling and understand any risks that may be present in their gambling habits – take the interactive test below to see what type of gambler you are.

What sort of gambler are you? Play Gamalyze now to find out

How does Gamalyze work?

Gamalyze is a game used to evaluate and analyse the betting habits of users to assess whether their gambling habits present any specific trends.

This can help to alert players to any potential dangers that they may face when it comes to gambling responsibly.

Once you have finished the game, Gamalyze will present you with an accurate profile of your gambling habits. This should show you the difference between how you think gamble to the type of gambler you actually are.

How is Gamalyze played?

Gamalyze’s program flips over 80 cards from four decks, with each card providing either a profit or loss. The aim is to end with a total profit of at least £2,000, which is the starting amount.  

With each card turn, Gamalyze records:

  • Your profit/loss amount – This indicates whether a gain or loss was made and by how much.
  • User’s reaction – Analysis of how the user reacts to wins and losses of different values.
  • Betting pattern changes – It notices if the user's betting pattern adjusts over time during the game.

At the end of the game, Gamalyze will then take all of that into account before deciding what type of gambler the user is.

The Gamalyze profile

Once the game has been completed, Gamalyze gives the user a profile that explains whether they are a more conservative bettor or one more likely to take a bigger risk. 

The profile also explains whether a player is the type of gambler that looks to take chances and if they show trends that could potentially make them a problem gambler in the future.

Gamalyze is a very helpful tool that gives users the ability to fully understand their gambling profile and, if required, how they can potentially become a more responsible bettor over the course of time.