South Jersey Woman Won a $1.2 Million Jackpot but Hasn’t Been Paid

South Jersey Woman Won a $1.2 Million Jackpot but Hasn’t Been Paid
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All players hope to hit the jackpot at some point, but it’s even more adrenaline-pumping when the amount is in the seven-figure range. That’s the story of Roney Beal or Shamong Township. 

This South Jersey woman won the seven-figure jackpot from Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino in February. 

But here’s where the story takes a twist—she hasn’t been paid out yet because the game provider, International Game Technology (IGT), is disputing payment, blaming it on a glitch in the game, per 6ABC in Philadelphia. 

On that day in February, Beal stated she wagered hundreds of dollars and before she knew it, the screen lit up for $1.2 million. 

“I was hoping for $1,000, saying, ‘Please God let me win,’” she said. 

Even someone playing near here saw what happened and complimented her on the win. 

“And it went off, says, ‘you’re a winner’ and gold coins popped out,” she said. “This very nice guy says, ‘Oh my God, you hit, you hit!’ He said, ‘Lady you’re a millionaire.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’ “

However, the casino staff had a different story. 

“That’s when the sentences came up ‘tilted,’” she said. “When the man came over to talk to me he said, ‘Lady, get it in your head, you won nothing.’”

According to Beal, the casino told her that the problem was a “reel tilt,” which automatically voids winnings. 

The attendant asked her to spin it off. She refused. 

She said the casino staff offered her $350, not the $1.2 million. 

“They fooled with the machine before anybody else had the opportunity to take a look at this,” said attorney Mike Dicroce, who represents Beal.

Her attorney added that the attendant messing with the machine tampered with evidence. 

“You invite somebody to your business. They pay the money, they win, you’re supposed to pay. That didn’t happen,” he added.

However, this isn’t the first time IGT has been in a reel tilt dispute.

Looking back 24 years, IGT was involved in a dispute with Jacques Bezou, a player at Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans. 

After years of litigation, Bezou was awarded his $1.3 million. 

Beal is hoping for a similar outcome. 

“Why would I ever go to a casino again in my life? Any casino? Why, if there is no hope,” she said.