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There are many reasons for slot players to learn how to play video poker, but one of the very best is the transparency of video poker games. Whereas the individual payback percentages of traditional spinning reel and video slots are proprietary information, video poker is an open book. The payback percentages of video poker games are based on a mathematical formula using information from the game's pay table, which is in clear public view.

Of all the wagers you can make in a casino, there is one in which the odds aren't stacked against you. That wager is called "free odds" and it's found at the craps tables. The odds are free because the house takes no edge on them. Payoffs are made at true mathematical odds. Once you make a line bet and a point is established, you have the option of making an additional bet that the point will be made. Playing free odds is essential to taking advantage of the opportunities at the dice table and in doing so you're also trimming even further the low house edge that the casino takes on line bets. It's really the best bet you can make on any casino game and makes learning how to play craps well worth the effort.

Building up playing credits on slot and video poker machines carries seeds of destruction for recreational gaming enthusiasts. When you are playing with electronically metered credits instead of cold, hard cash, it is easy for your money to lose its value. Always be aware of exactly how much money you have on the machine in credits no matter what denomination you are playing. With the increase in the number of low-denomination slot games, it's easy to forget that pennies add up to dollars. Don't make the mistake of squandering away any good fortune by neglecting to pause to figure out just how much money those credits add up to. Winning never comes easy.

The gaming industry is always in search of inventive ways for casino-goers to wager. Even blackjack, a game that requires a degree of skill to play successfully, isn't exempt. However, be cautioned that blackjack side bets with bonus payoffs typically pack a house edge that makes them not worth playing. Blackjack requires concentration, and if played correctly, the house edge can be reduced. Gimmicky side bets only serve as a distraction. Any money you divert from the base game by making side bets with regularity at the blackjack table will cut into your profits or add to your losses. A side bet once in a while is okay, but a steady diet of them is not recommended.

The built-in house advantage that casinos wield over all the games they offer is relentless, a virtual guarantee to wear down every gambler's bankroll over the long haul. But did you know the speed at which people play the games has a direct impact on how hard the house edge will hit them? Because you can play a slot machine faster than any table game, it is important to play at a slower pace. Spinning the reels every few seconds during any given playing session translates into a major investment, every dollar of which gets hammered by the house edge. By slowing down the speed at which you play slots you give yourself a fighting chance of staying in the game longer.

Video poker has a legion of fans who are attracted to the game because every hand you are dealt and every card you draw is as random as a computer program will allow. This makes the game as close as humanly possible to playing with your own 52-card deck at the kitchen table. A virtual deck of cards is constantly being shuffled between plays in the game's computer program. When you make a bet and hit the deal button, the shuffling stops and five cards are dealt off the top popping up left to right on the screen. The shuffling of the remaining virtual cards continues until you make a decision on what to hold. When you hit draw, the number of cards you need to fill your hand pop up in the vacated spaces.

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HARD ROCK: A “doubleheader” of complimentary entertainment is scheduled at Hard Rock Café Stage on Friday (Jan. 13) with Erin Coburn performing at 8 p.m. and Ally Venable hitting the spotlight at 10 p.m. On Saturday (Jan. 14) The Spazmatics are on tap at 9p.m. Over at Council Oak Bar Stage look for The Smiley Tillmon Band featuring Kate Moss on Friday and Vino Louden on Saturday. The shows begin at 8 p.m.

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💎Book of Sam is a new casino slot from ELK Studios where we visit Las Vegas, no, Sam Vegas.

🍿Click on the link to check out the Book of Sam review: 

Play responsibly, ©
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