Snake Eyes Turn Up for Deadbeat Dad at Casino
Snake Eyes Turn Up for Deadbeat Dad at Casino
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(Michigan City, IN) - Another man has been accused of trying to keep their gambling winnings from going toward previously owed child support.

Brenton Williams, 34, has been charged with Level 6 felony Cheating at Gambling as, according to court records, Williams won just over $1,900 at a slot machine at the Blue Chip Casino on February 24th only for the entire amount to be confiscated as required to pay down a child support debt.

About two weeks later, Williams won a similar amount at a slot machine before asking a man at the casino to sit at his seat at the slot machine he had been playing so as to collect the winnings. The individual sat down, but when a casino worker asked if he had won the jackpot, the man reportedly pointed at Williams, stating “he did."

It’s alleged that Williams, as a result of having his winnings previously garnished for back support, tried getting the man to claim his prize money knowing it would be seized again.

La Porte County Prosecutor Sean Fagan said people delinquent in their child support have their information entered into a database, and that casinos are required to check it prior to giving out winnings.

Lance Halderman, 44, of Michigan City, was recently charged with offering a man $100 to collect over $2,000 he won at a slot machine at Blue Chip Casino to avoid having his winnings garnished. Authorities said he also knew his winnings would be seized after previously having his prize money taken at the casino to pay down back child support.