SFC has first Xtreme Bar Bingo jackpot winner

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SFC has first Xtreme Bar Bingo jackpot winner
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When you think of bingo, you may envision matronly ladies carefully placing good luck trolls around their collection of cards on a table at a local VFW hall, listening intently as the caller announces the next ball to roll out of the “squirrel cage.” However, there’s a new bingo version that is quickly gaining in popularity throughout the Midwest and can currently be played in more than 300 bars and pubs in Missouri: Xtreme Bar Bingo (XBB).

XBB is more interactive and lively than its more mature counterpart, combining the high energy of the bar or pub social environment with the excitement of a faster-paced competition. Players purchase bingo cards and compete to mark off numbers as they are called out by a host or announcer. The game may include various twists, such as themed rounds, bonus rounds, or challenges to keep players engaged and entertained. Prizes can range from cash prizes to gift certificates or bar-related merchandise.

Lien Walt, one of the owners of Brickhouse Social in the plaza at Leadington, says they enjoy hosting XBB and hold regular games every Tuesday at 6 p.m.

She said they had an exciting moment last month at one of their games: Jim Thompson won the $8,000 jackpot.

“Jim [and wife Janet] have been coming to our XBB from the first day and haven’t missed any nights, even when the weather is iffy,” Walt said. “We see Jim and Janet so much that I, as the business owner, have actually played XBB with them at other local businesses.”

According to Kirk Schilling, Brickhouse Social’s XBB representative, Thompson is the first jackpot winner in the St. Francois County area.

“We at Brickhouse Social look forward to hosting XBB nights as a night out with our bingo family and friends.  We have many bingo regulars and love them all,” Walt said.