Refun: The Ultimate Cashback Service for Canadian Online Casino Players

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Refun: The Ultimate Cashback Service for Canadian Online Casino Players

If you are searching for another bonus from an online casino, check Refun! It is a casino cashback service that collected Canadian online casinos with money return reward. Visit Refun to get up to 20% cashback.  

Refun brings more entertainment and real money rewards to players! Refun is a cashback service using which players get money back by playing favourite online games. There is a great selection to choose from and you receive a nice bonus.  

Enjoy top online casino slot games with money-returning rewards. It is accessible to you and has many benefits. 

Refun’s Purpose  

Refun’s purpose is to bring more fun. The platform contains many online casinos with tempting rewards of money return. You get cashback, it cheers you up, and your gambling experience is much better.  

This service gives Canadian gamblers trustworthy online casino cashback bonuses: 5%, 10%, 15%, and even 20% of money return. Easy steps to get cashback:  

  • Visit website  
  • Choose any online casino you like  
  • Click “get cashback”   
  • Register in the online casino you chose  
  • Play slot games meeting terms and conditions of getting cashback  
  • Enjoy money returning reward  

Refun Cashback Service: Platform To Find Cashback Reward  

There are collected online casinos in Canada that provide cashback bonuses. Each casino has its own rules for giving money returns. They have individual wagering requirements, minimum deposit requirements, payout period, and size of cashback. 

Refun website comprise a great variety of online casinos so that you can choose cashback bonuses with convenient terms. has a review section about cashback casinos. You click on any casino on the website and go over the review. There you find complete information about the casino itself, terms of receiving a cashback bonus, payment methods, etc. 

Check Review To Choose Cashback Bonus

You find several cashback types on Refun website: 

  • Cashback from loss  
  • Deposit cashback  
  • Crypto cashback  
  • Weekly cashback  

There are collections for each type with details of receiving it. The percentage of cashback bonuses varies in each casino, and they usually offer from 3% to 20%. The review section explains what percentage you get. It mainly depends on the deposit size or spending. Also, some casinos have a VIP program, where cashback size depends on player level.

Refun Exclusive Cashback 

There are online casinos that provide cashback only for Refun users. Thus, you follow the “get cashback” link and register very this online casino. You get cashback for using Refun link.   

Refun Increased Cashback  

Refun cashback service contains online casinos that offer increased specials for Refun users. For example, you get 10% instead of 5%. How to get increased cashback? 

  • Register via Refun link 
  • Make a deposit 
  • Play 

You get cashback as Refun user. Visit to find an exclusive reward! 

Get Cahsback In Different Currencies 

As a Canadian service, Refun offers a money-back reward in Canadian Dollar. However, you find crypto casinos on the website, and there you make a deposit in accessible cryptocurrency and receive cashback in crypto. 

So, you can have it all if you are both a crypto and gambling enthusiast! You get cashback in crypto, and Refun has detailed information about the available payment methods of every casino. 

Individual Bonus: Answer Several Questions, Get Custom Bonus 

Refun website contains a short questionnaire where users answer several questions to find the perfect online casino to play! Scroll down the website to take a part.  

In such a simple way, you select the online casino that is right for you. All the casinos on Refun include a cashback bonus. 

Benefits Of Refun Casino Cashback Service 

To win or not to win – get money back in. 

Refun works according to this ideology. Players that use Refun services win only, which is logical since it is about money returning. 

If players lose a game, they get cashback from the loss (on condition of choosing the casino with this type of cashback). 

If players select deposit cashback, they get extra money in any way. 

This service is about money returning. You have the platform to find online casinos with a cashback bonus; thus, you always win back a percentage of your deposit or loss. Check the website and find casinos with 3%, 5%, 10%, 12%, 15%, and 20% of money back. 

Free spins may run out. Cashback is always yours. 


Refun cashback service is here to give more fun and money rewards. The website contains online casinos with different types of cashback: cashback from loss, cashback from deposit, weekly cashback, crypto cashback, etc. You also can get cashback in cryptocurrency. Refun has all the information about the types and terms of every casino on the website. Use Refun service to make your gambling experience richer.

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