Rampart Casino Dealers Accused in Baccarat Manipulation, Triggering $5,000 Win Streak

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In yet another twist in the saga of casino malpractices, investigations by Nevada gaming regulators have raised allegations pointing to a deceptive plot hatched by two baccarat dealers at Las Vegas’ Rampart Casino. It seems they manipulated outcomes to favor certain players, culminating in winnings that reached into thousands of dollars.

Yuxuan Leng, one of the accused dealers, in tandem with another yet unnamed individual, stand at the heart of these accusations. Matters escalated when an internal whistleblower flagged the suspicious winning streaks of two regular baccarat players.

As per the investigations, the casino’s cry-wolf moment quickly got validation. Surveillance footage allegedly caught the two dealers tipping off the respective players about the game’s outcomes before its completion, leading to a cumulative win of $5,000 during May. The twist in the tail came when one of the beneficiaries confessed to the underhand tactics, whilst the other vehemently denied their involvement.

Leng, subsequently arrested on November 2nd, is facing charges related to cheating and attempting to sabotage a gambling game. She is slated to face the court again in December. On the other hand, the disclosure about the second dealer’s involvement came from the NGCB investigators, who shared that the individual, despite his denial of any monetary gains from the players, admitted to his sloppy dealing habits.

This story is one in a slew of disturbing events that have come to light over the past few years. It is reminiscent of a similar scenario that unfolded back in 2020 and 2019 involving two other Baccarat dealers.

However, some might argue that these unscrupulous acts are isolated instances, and one should not lose sight of the thrill and appreciation for fair gameplay that casinos offer. Which raises an interesting question – how do you enjoy the thrill of gambling while ensuring your safety and fair play?

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