Popular Racing Themed Slots

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No matter what kind of racing you’re into, there’s a slot machine that will suit your needs. From classics like Horse Racing to modern favorites like Fast and Furious and Go Karting, there’s something for everyone who loves fast cars, loud engines, and adrenaline-filled races.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is a popular slot game. It’s a 5 reel and 15 payline slot that has Wild, Scatter, and Progressive Jackpot features. The game has a high variance, which means that you can win big or lose everything in one spin. In order to win big on this game you will need to land at least three of the same symbols across all five reels in any position (left-to-right).

There are many different ways to win in Hot Wheels slots:

  • Lining up three or more of any symbol will award you with your prize payout; these include wilds that double up as scatter symbols too!
  • Four scatters anywhere on the reels will trigger free spins mode where each spin costs just $0.50 per turn; these are randomly awarded so there’s no guarantee when it’ll happen but if luck is on your side then it could happen multiple times per hour while playing this game!


Nascar is a 5 reel, 243 payline slots game that can be played at most online casinos. It has a progressive jackpot, scatter symbol, wild symbols, and free spins bonus round.

The game features two Nascar racing cars that appear on all reels except for the first one to create winning combinations with other symbols such as numbers from 1-6 or letters from A-J. The wild symbol acts as an alternative to any other symbol except itself while doubling up wins if used next to another wild icon during gameplay; this makes it possible for players to win up to five times their initial bet when using both types of icons together in order to increase their chances of winning big money prizes!

NASCAR Illustrated

The NASCAR Illustrated slot game is based on the popular NASCAR racing series. It has a 5×5 reel grid and features wild symbols, scatter symbols and a bonus round where you can win free spins. You can play this game at 888 Casino or any other casino that offers it as long as they have an online gambling license in their country of operation.

The game starts with a video intro showing race cars speeding across a track while commentators talk about how exciting it all is. Once you get into the actual gameplay though, things slow down quite a bit as there are no animations or anything else happening during spins apart from spinning reels appearing on the screen once each spin completes its cycle (they don’t even stop spinning when new ones appear). The only thing that does change between spins is how much money was won on each one–a lotus flower grows bigger if there were big wins during previous rounds but stays small otherwise–and sometimes some sound effects like cheering crowds when certain combinations appear on reels 1-4 but these aren’t really noticeable unless someone specifically points them out after seeing them happen several times in succession!

The game itself is pretty simple and easy to understand. Players can choose between 1, 3, or 5 paylines before they spin the reels but nothing else changes as far as gameplay goes. There are no wild symbols, scatters, or any other special features in this game; all players have to do is keep spinning until they win a certain amount of money (which varies depending on how much was bet during each round).

Deal or No Deal Slots

Deal or No Deal Slots is a popular slot game, which can be played for free or for real money. This game has 5 reels and 40 paylines and features the theme of the hit TV show “Deal or No Deal”. The progressive jackpot is worth up to $15,000!

The game features a range of different bonus rounds including Free Spins, Pick’em Bonus, and Wild Symbol Re-Spins. You can also play this exciting video slot at any time from your mobile device or tablet with no downloads required!

Many slots casinos offer racing themed slot games

Racing themed slots are popular because they’re exciting and a good way to relax. The best slot casinos offer plenty of racing themed slot games, so you can play your favorite game anytime you want!

If you love racing, then these games are for you. They have all sorts of different themes like Formula 1 and NASCAR racing cars, as well as horses and jockeys in the Grand National.


We have selected some of the best racing themed slots for you to enjoy. These games have a variety of features that will keep you entertained and make your gaming experience more enjoyable. If you’re looking for something new, then scroll down below and of slots!