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Play online keno for real money! This exciting and fast game is easy to learn and offers instant rewards. Join the fun and try your luck today.


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


1) The user must be identity verified
2) The user must be from a permitted jurisdiction
3) The welcome bonus is only claimable once per household.


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply


18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Terms of Service apply

Online keno for real money is a fun, fast-paced game that's easy to learn. Popular in the USA, it offers instant rewards. Just pick up to 20 numbers between 1 and 80, and if your numbers match the drawn ones, you win!

There are big prizes to win, with some jackpots reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On this page, you'll learn everything about keno: how to claim bonuses and the differences between traditional and themed keno games.

Let's start with our top picks for playing keno online for real money.

What is Keno?

Real money online Keno is one of the easiest lottery games to play. You can learn the rules in minutes. In this game, 20 random balls are drawn from a set of 80. You can choose your numbers or let the computer pick them for you with a "quick pick."

You can select between 1 and 20 numbers, but some games, like Prairie Thunder Keno, limit you to 10 numbers. Your bet stays the same no matter how many numbers you choose. The more numbers you pick and match, the more you can win. Check the pay table to see potential winnings.

Here are some key points about Keno:

  • Choose from 80 numbers
  • Win big with small bets
  • Fun lottery-style game

How to Play Keno Online

Online keno for real money lets you play the lottery anytime you want. Games start whenever you submit your numbers, or you can join live games every 3 to 5 minutes.

  1. Pick a Game: Explore the variety of keno games at our top US online casinos.
  2. Choose Your Numbers: Select 1 to 20 numbers from the grid. The more numbers you choose, the higher your potential payout.
  3. Set Your Bet: Use the arrows to adjust your bet amount.
  4. Decide on Games: Choose how many games to play. For example, betting $1 on 5 games will cost $5.
  5. Watch the Draw: See if you win as the system draws numbers. Your payout depends on how many numbers you match.

Free Online Keno vs. Real Money Online Keno

If you're new to keno, starting by playing for free is a good idea. This lets you learn the rules of each variant without any risk. Once you're comfortable, you can try playing keno online for real money. Practicing free games helps you develop betting strategies and decide which variant you like best.

Nothing beats the thrill of playing keno for real money. The excitement of waiting for that one final number to win a huge cash prize is unmatched.

Keno's simple rules and straightforward gameplay make it enjoyable for everyone. While different variations add some complexity, they make the game even more exciting.

Types of Online Keno Games

Keno might be simple, but there are many variations to keep things fresh and exciting. Our experts have broken down each type to help you find your favorite. Not all keno variants are legal in the US yet, but they might be in the future.

We've covered all the major types, from classic keno to exciting themed versions. This guide will help you choose the perfect variant.

��Traditional Keno

The classic keno game started in China, but the word "keno" means "five lucky numbers" in Latin. Played with 80 numbers, you pick between 1-20. The more you match, the higher the payout. It's available in casinos across the USA. Try it at Virgin Casino.

��Video Keno

Video keno looks like a video slot or video poker game. It's faster than classic keno because you don't wait for others to place bets. Just select your stake, pick your numbers, and hit start.

��Progressive Jackpot Keno

Similar to video keno but with a progressive jackpot that grows with every game played, even non-winning ones. Jackpots can reach millions. Popular versions like Mega Keno offer chances to win over $3 million for a $1.50 bet.

��Live Keno

You can play this immersive game at a casino or via live casino streaming. A croupier draws numbers one by one, creating intense anticipation. Playing at the casino or at home with family and friends is fun.

��Themed Keno

Themed keno comes in various styles. One example is Ancient Thunder Keno, a Greek God-themed game. It follows classic rules but includes 15 bonus spots to multiply your winnings or give extra free games. You can play it at SugarHouse Casino.

��Multi-Card Keno

Instead of playing with just one card per round, multi-card keno lets you use up to 20 cards at once. This gives you more chances to win. Power Keno, a popular variant, offers 4x your stake if the last ball matches your picked numbers.

��Online Keno Strategy Tips

When you're ready to play keno online, we have great tips to help you get the most out of your experience. Remember, online gambling should be fun. If you need support, check the responsible gambling section on US online casino sites.

  • Stick to With Your Lucky Numbers: Many players pick their lucky numbers, like family birthdays or favorite sports player numbers. Once you've chosen, stick with them. There's nothing worse than changing and then seeing your usual numbers come up.
  • Learn and Practice First: If you're new, try the demo version first. This helps you learn the rules and decide your betting level without risking real money.
  • Set Betting Limits: Always stay in control while gambling. Set daily or weekly limits for playing keno. If you reach your limit, it's time to stop. Remember, it's all about having fun.
  • Claim Bonuses: New players should always look for a welcome bonus. It boosts your bankroll and lets you play longer. Existing players can check for reload bonuses, too.
  • Try Different Keno Games: There are many variations of keno online. Try them all to find the one you enjoy most. When you're ready, you can play keno for real money.
  • Test Different Strategies: While keno is a game of luck, some players use strategies like clusters. Experiment to find what works for you, even though the outcome is always random.

Keno Payout Percentages Explained

Keno payouts aren't as high as regular online casino games. The number of drawn numbers and your bet type will greatly affect this. A good online casino usually has a keno payout percentage between 93.8% and 94.1%. This percentage depends on how many numbers you play. For example, matching only two numbers pays out 92%, and one number pays just 75%.

The payout percentage is how much a casino pays out in winnings compared to the money wagered. For example, a 98% payout means the casino pays out ₪98 for every ₪100 wagered, making a profit of ₪2.

It's important to note that the 98% isn't what you'll get back on each bet. It's an overall figure for the casino based on thousands of players and months of play. Generally, it's best to choose a casino offering high keno payouts.

How Does Keno House Edge Compare?

Keno lottery games are more like lotto draws than typical casino games, so the odds and house edge differ. While card and table games usually have a house edge between 0.5% - 2.7%, standard keno has a house edge of around 20% - 40%. Some online keno variants have a lower house edge, about 5%.

The odds of any number being drawn in the winning 20 are one in four. The number of spots you pick and the number of spots drawn affect the odds and house edge. Standard online keno lets you pick up to 15 numbers for a full win, but many keno casinos offer prizes for matching fewer spots. Typically, the house edge is around 25% for a one-spot win, rising to about 30% for a ten-spot win.

Popular Keno Software Providers

Some of the best keno games come from companies like Evolution, NetEnt, and Playtech. They create online keno, live keno, and other versions with bonuses and multipliers. Here are some of the top companies making online keno games:

��Evolution Gaming

Evolution was the first to create live-dealer keno games. They developed Mega Ball, a live keno game that was presented like a game show. Mega Ball has multipliers that can increase winnings from 5x to 100x. Evolution has been making games since 2006 and powers many casino games online and in local venues.


NetEnt, a Swedish game developer, also makes live keno games. They created Bonus Keno, a jackpot keno game with a progressive jackpot. Because of its high jackpots, Bonus Keno is one of NetEnt’s most popular online keno games. They've also made many other online keno variations and are known for their slots and other casino games.


Playtech, a popular casino game provider, offers a classic version of online keno. Their game is available at many online casinos for both real money and free play, and it's a great way to learn how to play keno.

��Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is another big name in online casino gaming. Their keno game is the standard online version and is available for both free and real-money play. You'll find it at the top casinos we recommend. Pragmatic Play is known for providing high-quality casino games across various online brands.


SpinOro offers a variety of keno games, including Super Keno and Keno Star. They've introduced new features for online keno and have been in the gaming industry for over 10 years. They're popular for keno lottery, scratch, and casino titles.

History of Keno

Among all the casino games, keno has a fascinating history. It's intertwined with emperors, wars, railroads, and horse races, all shaping the game we know today.

��Originating in China

Keno's roots trace back to ancient China, where it was played with 120 Chinese characters. It gained popularity during the Han Dynasty when ruler Cheung Leung used it to raise funds for wars and even to build the Great Wall of China.

��Spreading to America

In the 1800s, many Chinese immigrants moved to the western United States to work on the railroads. They brought keno to San Francisco, but Americans found the Chinese characters confusing, so they were replaced with numbers.

��In the 20th Century

Gambling was illegal, but operators found a loophole. They renamed keno "Racehorse Keno" and presented it as a racing game, making it legal. The keno numbers matched horses; the drawing was called a 'race.' Some casinos still use this terminology today.


In the digital age, keno remains popular as an online lottery game. The best US online casinos offer impressive keno games that would surely impress Emperor Cheung Leung.

Keno Terminology

Here are some important keno terms explained in a table. Understanding these will make playing keno easier for you, whether new or experienced.

Online Keno FAQs

Can I play keno online in the US?

Yes. You can play keno online in the US. The top online USA keno casinos offer both real money and free keno games. But remember, rules might differ from state to state, so check your local gambling laws.

Is online keno legal in the US?

Yes. Online keno is legal in the US, but it varies by state. Some states allow it, while others don't.

You can play keno lottery games in states like Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, and more.

How old must I be to play online keno in the US?

The minimum age to play keno online varies by state. In most states, you must be 18 or 21 years old

Can I try keno for free before betting real money?

Yes. Many US online casinos offer free keno games for practice.

Is keno a game of luck or strategy?

Keno is mostly a game of luck. The numbers drawn are random, so there's little strategy involved.

Are online keno games fair?

Yes. Reputable US online casinos use random number generators to ensure fair play.

What are the odds of winning at keno?

The odds depend on the numbers you choose and how many are drawn. For example, the odds of hitting a single number are 1 in 4.

Are keno winnings taxable?

Yes. Keno winnings are usually taxable income in the US.

Can I play keno on my mobile or tablet?

Yes. Many US online casinos offer mobile-friendly keno games on smartphones and tablets.

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