Online Casino Bonuses 101

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As most online casino advertisements may offer some bonus or FREE money to entice people to start gambling there, I advise reading on and understanding how this all works before accepting these free offers and then feeling scammed out later.

First and foremost, you may ask: why do online casinos even provide “free” money?

Marketing and differentiating their offering is part of their marketing and differentiation strategy. However, online casinos tend to “skin” software providers rather than offer differentiated user experiences; therefore, there may not be much difference in functionality among all Playtech or Microgaming-powered casinos despite different owners, graphics, or licensing details.

So if they’re mostly similar, there must be something that makes one better than another online casino. For instance, graphics, licensing, support, reputation, and bonuses are ways that casinos can draw in potential players.

Once that hurdle has been cleared, your next question is: Since Casino X offers $5,000 free, I should sign up, take my bonus, play them out, and move on to Casino Y.

Answering that question is straightforward as well. To take advantage of bonuses at online casinos, usually making deposits is necessary unless explicitly stated otherwise; we’ll explore this later.

Before delving deeper into the various bonuses available at online casinos, here are a few key terms and points you should keep in mind so you can clarify with a support representative before claiming any bonus. Hence, you understand where you stand and what it entails.

Wagering Requirements: Most bonuses include wagering or playthrough requirements that must be fulfilled to withdraw winnings from your account. Typically these requirements range between 15-40 times; pay attention as it could vary – the bonus itself might have multiple wagering requirements, while others require you to wager your deposit and bonus combined several times; it depends in which offer it is.

Another aspect to watch for wagering requirements is this: in most online casinos, if you request a withdrawal before fulfilling wagering requirements, any winnings accrued will be voided – no one likes that idea, but this is reality!

Games Played: Be mindful to read through and accept the T&Cs when selecting games to play online casino sites, particularly slots games, as these typically yield the most significant returns and therefore, bonuses are often only valid for them; scratch cards and keno may fall within this rule as well.

In other cases, your bonus can be played across all games; however, not all will count 100% towards meeting playthrough requirements – for instance, slots may count 100%, but roulette only 30%, meaning you must place more bets than necessary to meet these wagering requirements and withdraw your winnings.

Minimum Deposit Requirement: In most cases, to claim a bonus, you will typically need to make at least one minimum deposit, which varies. It usually does not exceed $50.00.

Now that we all understand each other and speak the same language let’s go through some of the main bonuses offered at online casinos.

Match bonuses are one of the most frequently seen casino bonuses. Each time you deposit, X% of what you deposited will be returned as bonus money by the casino – for instance, if casino Z is offering a 100% match bonus, depositing $100 will result in receiving $100 in additional bonus funds – effectively starting play at this casino with $200 instead of just $100! Match bonuses usually have maximum claim limits; such bonuses could either be offered individually (more common at US-friendly online casinos) or as part of a promotion/welcome bonus package//welcome package//and welcome package (more common at US-friendly online casinos). Match bonuses could either come either alone (i.e., one time) or be part of welcome packages/promotion/promotion/welcome package/welcome package (more common at US-friendly online casinos) or welcome package when signing up as part of welcome packages/signups// etc.; they could either.) X% matches may apply). Usually, limited maximums are applied; usually, there will be maximum match bonuses per depositor bonus/ welcome package/ welcome package when signing up as part of a welcome package/Welcome Bonus package, or welcome packages, respectively (i.e.). 1. A match bonus can stand alone (usually available during promotions/welcome/welcome packages//welcome Bonuss), OR as part of their welcome packages/comprise their welcome packages/or may act like a standalone bonus/ welcome bonuses/welcome packages) according to specific promotions/ or part or complete welcome packages may/ be limited and maximum claim amounts that apply. 2. These may differ between 2 maximum available depending on a maximum claim or may require depositing out/welwela/ bonus (es). This may require verification prior; bonus can claim). 1. When the depositor returns as separate from US friendly online casino, welcome/wel//dee can vary, see here/otherwise) may contain one (dependence.). 3. 4.

Virtually all online casinos provide welcome bonuses to newcomers making their initial deposits at their casinos. Welcome bonuses are the total of all possible match bonuses you can accumulate as a new player within a specific period or on your first deposits; thus, if a casino advertises a $3000 welcome bonus, that represents the maximum amounts you could collect through deposit bonuses such as first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus, and monthly bonuses if all match bonuses were used up; for example, depositing the maximum amounts available can reach this total welcome bonus amount. Suppose your deposits fall short of calling the total bonus at any stage. In that case, the advertised welcome bonus represents only the MAXIMUM bonus amount you can claim during your first gambling period at the casino.

No Deposit Bonuses can be considered bonuses from online casinos that enable you to access real money games without making an initial deposit. Online casinos use this technique to attract new players by giving them a taste of the casino’s offers without making a deposit. It also helps address trust issues between the casino and the player. Experienced players may feel uneasy depositing and playing at a different online casino for the first time, making a no-deposit bonus especially helpful here. Some online casinos include no-deposit bonuses as part of their standard offering. In contrast, others avoid them as they claim such offers tend to attract the wrong type of player (i.e., non-depositors). Players claiming no deposit bonuses might be using them as an excuse not to play for real money in the first place, and it only puts more strain on support teams with no natural result. The truth lies in between; people claim no deposit bonuses for different reasons.

No deposit bonuses are in the $10-$15 range and are offered directly by casinos or affiliated websites. They often come with wagering requirements which must be fulfilled before being eligible to withdraw winnings if your luck prevails.

Sticky/Play only bonuses cannot be withdrawn from your account. Should you get lucky and win and request withdrawal of winnings, any bonus amount received will be subtracted off winnings as it was claimed as part of your bonus amount – for example claiming $50 of sticky bonus and winning enough money to bring the balance up to $500 and withdraw your winnings and celebrate with friends, the casino would only permit $550 withdrawal and will void $50 as your sticky bonus amount would remain unusable; typically these types of bonuses tend to have more minor wagering requirements and more significant bonus amounts available than match bonuses with lower wagering requirements than regular match bonuses when withdrawing winnings have occurred and winning withdrawal requests have taken place; Play only rewards often feature more extensive wagering requirements while match bonuses offer match bonuses with lower wagering requirements than match bonuses as well.

Payment Method Bonus: Originally popular at Playtech-powered casinos, payment method bonuses have since spread across the board. Beyond making deposits at online casinos with credit and debit cards, other electronic options offer instant fund transfers with lower fees and hassle. Alternative payment methods (or APMs), as they’re popularly known, provide services without conducting credit checks on customers transferring funds directly from their bank accounts discreetly to an alternate payment service or kiosk-based pre-paid cards. Alternative payment methods could net you an extra 10-15% bonus with every deposit made and any other prizes claimed. Visit the cashier section before signing up at an unfamiliar online casino, as this could work to your benefit.

Most online casinos feature a Loyalty/VIP Club scheme whereby you can redeem bonuses in exchange for points you accumulate while playing, unlocking more perks as your playing progresses. You earn more points to convert into prizes. As your points increase, your conversion rates improve, allowing for faster bonus rewards!

Before playing at an online casino, it’s always essential to review its terms and conditions thoroughly, as many will restrict or forbid withdrawals of bonuses awarded or even deduct them from winnings based on these regulations.

Now, you must wonder how to take advantage of all this good. Well, here is one side of the coin. Online casinos are highly sensitive to players abusing bonus offers (also known as bonus whoring). Just as card counting could land you in jail at a physical casino, so too could bonus abuse lead to having your player’s account locked at an online casino. At the core of it, all lies entertainment; gambling should be enjoyable and exhilarating! Not a job in sight, and bonuses only add to this thrill and excitement – not necessarily to make more money out of them! Make use of prizes but do not expect to log out richer!

Ron M. Faulkner leads the group of online casino professionals that form CasinoPromoGuide, providing updated information about bonuses and running promotions to online casino players around the globe. They aim to further stretch players’ gambling budgets during these uncertain economic times.

Understanding Bonus Terms and Conditions

Now that we understand why online casinos provide bonuses and the variety available let’s delve deeper into some key terms and conditions associated with these promotions.

1. Bonus Claiming and Usage Time Restrictions: How Soon Are Bonuses Claimed or Utilized?

Online casinos frequently impose time constraints on bonuses. Once you receive one, there will usually be an allotted period to fulfill its wagering requirements – failing which, the bonus and any winnings that result may be forfeited.

2. Game Restrictions for Wagering: Eligible Games for Betting

As previously discussed, certain bonuses only apply to specific games – usually slots – while others might be excluded from bonus wagering requirements. Reviewing the terms carefully is essential to identify which games contribute fully or partially towards meeting them.

3. Betting Limits: Understanding Your Boundaries

Online casinos may impose bet limits when using bonus funds to prevent players from abusing the system and abusing bonus funds. This may cap maximum bet amounts when using these bonuses; review the terms to avoid breaching them!

4. Maximum Withdrawal Limits for Cashing Out Winnings

Online casinos may impose a maximum withdrawal limit on winnings generated from bonuses, meaning even if you surpass it, only up to that maximum amount can be cashed out.

5. Country Restrictions: Understanding Eligibility

Some bonuses may only be eligible to players from specific countries. Before claiming one, ensure players from your location qualify to claim and use it.

6. Bonus Codes: Unlocking Special Offers

Specific bonuses require entering a unique bonus code during the deposit process to take advantage of them, so always refer to your casino’s promotions section or customer support for assistance with finding this information.

7. Expiry Dates for Bonuses: Don’t Let Bonuses Expire

Bonuses typically have expiry dates that must be used within an allotted timeframe to avoid losing them altogether. Missing these deadlines could result in your compensation going unused and being forfeited to the system.

8. Combination Offers: Extending Multiple Bonuses

Online casinos typically allow their players to claim multiple bonuses at once; however, some offers might not work well together, and you must check whether combining offers will maximize benefits.

9. Understanding Cashable vs Non-Cashable Bonuses: Understanding Their Difference

Cashable bonuses may be withdrawn along with your winnings after meeting wagering requirements. In contrast, non-cashable (or sticky) bonuses cannot be cashed out and are deducted from your account when making withdrawal requests.

10. Reload Bonuses: Regular Player Rewards

Reload bonuses are designed to reward loyal players, keeping them coming back. They are typically given to existing account holders who make additional deposits into their accounts.

Different Types of Match Bonuses

1. Percentage Match Bonuses: Doubling Your Deposit

Percentage match bonuses are one of the most prevalent types of match bonuses, offering a percentage of your deposit as bonus funds – for instance, 100% match bonuses will give you an additional $100 in bonus funds with each $100 you deposit.

2. High Roller Bonuses: Tailored to Big Spenders

High roller bonuses are specially crafted for players who regularly deposit large sums. These bonuses offer higher percentage matches and have more significant maximum limits than standard bonuses.

3. Welcome Package Bonuses: Comprehensive Deals

Some online casinos provide welcome packages that feature multiple match bonuses across several initial deposits. These packages typically provide generous bonus amounts that extend gameplay for longer.

4. Free Spins Bonuses: Extra Spins for Slot Enthusiasts

As an attractive match bonus alternative, free spin bonuses have become a favorite option among slot players. Instead of receiving bonus cash, these promotions award some free spins on specific slot gamesSLOTUSA.

Cashback Bonuses: An Essential Safety Net for Players

Cashback bonuses are a type of promotion where players receive back some of their losses as bonus funds, providing a cushion against potential losing streaks and making playing easier overall.

Loyalty and VIP Programs: Rewarding Consistent Play

Loyalty and VIP programs aim to reward players for their consistent play and wagering habits, with points earned through bets redeemed later for bonuses, cashback, merchandise, or even exclusive event invitations.

Mobile Casino Bonuses: Incentives for Mobile Players

With the rise of mobile gaming, many online casinos now provide exclusive bonuses to those using their smartphones or tablets to access games. These mobile bonuses encourage players to embrace this convenient form of play!

Refer-a-Friend Bonuses: Spread the Joy

Refer-a-friend bonuses provide existing players with incentives to invite friends to the casino. When their referred friend joins, and deposits money, both parties receive a token of our appreciation – both can claim their bonus!