Nicolás Campano, Soft2Bet: “LatAm online casino players expect a smooth, frictionless experience, just like their favourite e-commerce platforms”
Nicolás Campano, Soft2Bet: “LatAm online casino players expect a smooth, frictionless experience, just like their favourite e-commerce platforms”
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The sales director spoke with Focus Gaming News about Soft2Bet as a renowned company for its customisation for different audiences worldwide and its upcoming appearance at SiGMA Americas.

Exclusive interview.- Nicolás Campano, sales director LatAm atSoft2BET, discusses the company’s plans for SiGMA Americas, how the company navigates the Brazilian newly regulated market and why customisation is relevant in their mission to understand each market’s unique requirements.

What does Soft2Bet expect for SiGMA Americas 2024?

Brazil, and Latin America generally, are at the centre of so much attention that we are hugely excited about showcasing our state-of-the-art technology and gamification solutions to the industry at this year’s SiGMA Americas in São Paulo.

As a leading provider of igaming platforms with a strong focus o regulated markets, we see this event as a strategic opportunity to connect with potential partners in Brazil and the LatAm region more broadly.

SiGMA Americas also coincides with Brazil’s transition into a regulated market, which aligns perfectly with Soft2Bet’s expertise in navigating regulatory frameworks. We are confident that our proven platform and gamification technology, Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA), will be instrumental for operators seeking to thrive in this new environment and potentially looking at regulatory expansion into these markets.

SiGMA Americas comes right after the sanction of Law 14.790 in Brazil which regulates sports betting and gambling in a country. What does this expected change mean for the industry and especially for Soft2Bet?

This legislation unlocks massive potential for the online gambling industry, transforming Brazil into a major player on the global stage. Analysts have forecast that the market could reach US$5bn in annual turnover within just a few years.

This shows the size of the business opportunity and its potential, but of course, navigating the new regulatory landscape and providing a highly localised product will also be crucial and with our extensive experience in regulated markets, we are well-positioned to guide operators through this process.

Our proven track record in adhering to regulatory frameworks will be invaluable for companies seeking success in Brazil. Our unique gamification technology, MEGA, is a major differentiator for our partners as it drives engagement, customer retention and revenues and significantly reduces bonusing and promotional costs.

Do you see different challenges for operators in the Americas as compared to Europe?

Absolutely, regulation in Europe is more established and offers a clearer path, but with stricter costs. The Americas, with its rapidly evolving regulations, presents many exciting opportunities, but also uncertainty.

Market maturity also plays a role. Europe’s established markets are highly competitive and generally have higher tax burdens, while the Americas offer growth potential but require investment in brand awareness.

Additionally, payment processing can be more complex in the Americas due to regional restrictions and fraud risks. Culturally, European players often have established preferences, while player preferences in the Americas can vary significantly by region. Also, technological advancements might be more pressured in Europe, whereas the Americas offer room for innovative solutions such as gamification engines. Understanding these distinct challenges allows operators to tailor their strategies for success in each region.

Soft2Bet is renowned for its customisation and understanding of the unique needs and preferences of different audiences worldwide. How important is it to have in-depth knowledge of the different markets?

In-depth market knowledge is critical for Soft2Bet’s success and our focus on customisation means we make it our mission to understand each market’s unique requirements, and preferences and develop products that appeal to specific countries or demographics.

As cultural preferences for games and payments can vary greatly across regions, our ability to understand and cater to these variations is a key feature of our work as a platform provider. When it comes to our compliance and legal work, the Americas presents a more dynamic landscape than the more established European regulations currently and our teams stay ahead of the curve by ensuring they are always up to date with evolving and navigating those different regulatory environments.

By understanding these nuances, from Europe’s established markets to newly regulated ones in LatAm, Soft2Bet tailors solutions that resonate with players worldwide.

“In-depth market knowledge is critical for Soft2Bet’s success.”

Nicolás Campano, sales director LatAm at Sof2Bet.

What are the main features and particularities you see in Latin American consumers?

Latin American online casino players expect a smooth, frictionless experience, just like their favourite e commerce platforms; and features like one-click solutions are key for this mobile-first audience. As in other markets, online slots are a key product, but engagement is also crucial and features like Bonus Buy for instant thrills are popular, while many players also appreciate simpler options like Must-Drop Jackpots.

Simple insights like these show why understanding player behaviour is vital to creating products that match customers’ preferences and in that regard, MEGA provides an incredible depth of data that enables Soft2Bet to do just that. It produces vast amounts of data that we utilise to tailor communications, rewards and products to drive engagement that goes far beyond the initial game players will have played.

This ability covers popular game features, options that get players to the action quickly and social elements that tap into their competitive spirit.

For 2023, the company recorded an audited growth of 46 per cent in gross revenue across its B2B and B2C operational areas. This corresponds to a 207 per cent increase in EBITDA from the prior reporting period. What do these results mean to Soft2Bet?

For Soft2Bet, these results are key drivers for our business and are significant for a number of key reasons. First, they validate our approach and make clear that both operators and players are finding value in our platform solutions and gamification technology, particularly MEGA.

Second, the increased revenue and profitability strengthen our financial position and allow us to keep investing in product development and expansion into new markets. Ultimately, these results strengthen Soft2Bet’s position as a leader in the online casino and sports betting space. Our ability to deliver growth for ourselves and our B2B partners positions us for even greater success in the future.

You joined Soft2Bet as sales director LatAm. How does this tie in with Soft2Bet’s decision to expand in the region?

My joining Soft2Bet goes hand-in-hand with the company’s expansion plans in Latin America and I believe (and hope!) my experience will be a big asset. I have worked with major industry suppliers like Play’n Go and Yggdrasil, but just as importantly I also bring a deep understanding of the Latin American gaming landscape. This expertise will be crucial in navigating the regulations and building strong partnerships in the region.

LatAm represents a massive growth opportunity for online gambling and my aim is to enable Soft2Bet to capitalise on it by utilising my knowledge of the market dynamics and player preferences to tailor our offerings so that they resonate with Latin American audiences.

My appointment is also a clear sign of Soft2Bet’s commitment to expanding its reach in LatAm and establishing itself as a major player in this exciting region.

“LatAm represents a massive growth opportunity for online gambling.”

Nicolás Campano, sales director LatAm at Sof2Bet.

What are the main objectives for the company for the rest of the year?

The rest of 2024 is packed with exciting objectives for Soft2Bet. Building on the momentum of our strong 2023, we’re prioritising continued global expansion. This includes entering new markets with immense potential, like New Jersey in the US, Ontario in Canada and most recently Mexico. Latin America is a strategic priority for us and we are committed to becoming a major player in this rapidly growing region.

We are closely monitoring the Latin American market and our regulatory expansion into the region depending on our initiatives in the market or partnerships that we will establish with local operators. Product innovation is also core to our strategy.

We’ll continue to develop our industry-leading gamification technology, Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA), and integrate cutting-edge features to further enhance the user experience for both operators and players. We will carry out all those tasks by building strong B2B ties with operators, providers, leading game providers and tech specialists. Those partnerships are the cornerstones of our success and enable us to deliver the best possible solutions for our partners and their customers.

By achieving these objectives, Soft2Bet aims to solidify its position as a leading force in the global online casino and sports betting landscape.