New Trend Alert: Sweepstake Casinos Capture the Attention of Online Gamblers

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New Trend Alert: Sweepstake Casinos Capture the Attention of Online Gamblers
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There are many new online trends and one of the latest to take hold in the online casino industry is sweepstake casinos. What is it about sweepstake casinos that have captured the attention of online gamblers?

Real Money Online Casinos

The first thing to point out when considering the sweepstake casino trend is the legality of online real money casinos. If we take the United States as an example, real money online gambling is only available in six states, meaning most people in the US do not have legal access to online casino gambling. That is a big problem because it can lead to some people using offshore casinos, which comes with plenty of risks. So, there was a clear market for online casino gaming in the US and sweepstake casinos are attempting to fill that gap.

The Sweepstake Casino Model

Sweepstake casinos are capturing the attention of online gamblers because they provide a way for them to play online casino games and win real cash. However, the format of sweepstake casinos differs from real money online casinos and because of the format, sweepstake casinos can operate legally online throughout most of the United States. Rather than using real money to play casino games, sweepstake casinos use virtual currency. There are two types of virtual currency and they are gold coins and sweeps coins. For those who want to play online casino games with a chance of winning real money, sweeps coins are the virtual currency you need to use. Sweeps coins cannot be purchased at sweepstake casinos, they are awarded as a bonus when receiving or buying gold coins. Most of the leading sweepstake casinos will offer a welcome package containing mostly gold coins but also sweeps coins. The sweeps coins can be used to play the games and if successful, the coins can be redeemed for real cash prizes. The gold coins can be used as a practice before using the sweeps coins and some people have found it is possible to keep playing at sweepstake casinos without spending any money. 

Sweepstake Casino Games

The sweepstake casino model has attracted many online gamblers, but they would not stick around for long if the casino games were poor quality. Thankfully, the games at the top sweepstake casinos are fantastic and match that of the best games at real money online casinos. Not only will you find some of the top online casino game developers at sweepstake casinos but also many exclusive games. Sweepstake casinos relied mostly on their own games when they first appeared online, so they had to ensure the games were of a high standard. Many of the games at sweepstake casinos are exclusive and are not available at real money online casinos. Adding the latest and most popular games has been key to the success of sweepstake casinos and on the sweeps casino site you will find many of the latest titles, including fish games. Online fish table games have become extremely popular in recent months and sweepstake casinos are keen to provide players with the current games everyone wants to play.

Social interaction

Social media has taken the world by storm and millions of people use various social media platforms daily to keep in touch with friends. Sweepstake casinos have added a fantastic social element to their portfolio, and this is another aspect of their offering that differs from real money casinos. When playing games at a sweepstake casino, it is possible to chat and make friends with the other players. Some sweepstake casinos have created chat rooms where players can go to take a break from playing casino games and meet like-minded people. Friends can get together and participate in challenges at sweepstake casinos and even send each other gifts. There is a strong community spirit in addition to the opportunity of winning real money playing casino games using sweeps coins.

Sweepstake casinos have captured the attention of online gamblers. The model means sweepstake casinos have opened the door to playing online casino games legally for millions of people plus the quality of the games is exceptional. That combination means sweepstake casinos are on trend right now and there is no sign of it slowing down.