Mining Undiscovered Treasures Within The Slots

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Mining Undiscovered Treasures Within The Slots
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When seeking a slot to whisk you away on an exploration into the unknown, there are a few Slots you could choose from – one of those being a trek into the mines.

With exclusive slot games for UK players at, offering virtual adventures below the ground, we wanted to show you one mini slot worth jumping into a mining elevator for.

So, it’s time to don a hardhat, pick up your pickaxe and journey through the mines riddled with unearthed treasures with your trusty canary, as we light your way to the entrance of the Treasure Mine.

Treasure Mine

This mining tunnel brimming with gold and glistening jewels, brought to you by Red Tiger Gaming developers, is home to eight reels, six rows and 30 paylines. What you must do, is try your luck at spinning the reels to dig up some treasure worth up to 1,172x your wager.

With its clear and easy-to-see design and layout, the soundtrack plummets you into the mines with sounds that make you feel as if you’re chugging along the railroad, adjusting to life underground.


When spinning the reels, to dig up the treasure hidden within you’ll need to match three or more symbols from left to right. The symbols you’ll need to match include:

  • A, J, Q, K – all representing the precious metals found within the mines, including copper and silver.
  • Mining lamps
  • Goggles
  • Mining helmet
  • Hammer / Pickaxe
  • Flaming wild
  • Blue dragon wild
  • Miner wild

Bonus Features

There are four bonus features to be found within these mines, all holding the key to unlocking further potential matches and prizes. Each bonus feature requires wild symbols of oversized 2×2 wilds, rather than mini wilds. When landing two different larger wild symbols within one full spin, bonus features are unleashed onto the reels:

  • Miner and Diamond

When you land both a Miner and a Diamond larger wild tile, you’ll see the Miner jump over the Diamond and start digging away to unearth cash prizes hidden within the Diamond.

  • Miner and Dragon

Landing both the Miner and the Dragon larger tiles, the Dragon will unleash flames toward the Miner. Fleeing the flames, the Miner will drop small wilds at random around the reels, helping to create further matches.

  • Diamond and Dragon

If a larger tile Diamond and Dragon spin into play, the Dragon will breathe fire onto the reels, towards the Diamond. When the flames hit the Diamond, it will splinter small Diamond wilds randomly across the reels to help create further potential matches.

It’s here where the Dragon could flame throw up to three times, covering the reels with further Diamonds. The final payout amount will be announced after the final fiery breath has been blown.

  • Dragon, diamond and Miner

If you’re lucky enough to spin in three large tiled wilds, one of each wild, you could see yourself unlocking a big bonus feature performance!

The Dragon will start by breathing fire onto the Diamond, which in turn will split into mini Diamond wilds across the reels. Once this has happened, the Miner will jump out of his tile and mine all the mini Diamonds to reap the prizes hidden within. When he has dug all the prizes he can, the Dragon will flame throw its fiery breath towards the Miner, who will flee the reels, dropping wilds as he goes. These wilds could then open up the opportunity to create further matches.

So, are you up for taking a trip into the mines to see if you can unearth goodies within the Treasure Mine? 

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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