Maxsun Unveils A New YTX Motherboard With PCIe Slot Mounted At The Back

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Maxsun Unveils A New YTX Motherboard With PCIe Slot Mounted At The Back
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Maxsun has unveiled an innovative motherboard model featuring the world's first back-mounted PCIe slot for GPUs.

Maxsun Comes Up With an Innovative YTX Form-Factor Motherboard, This Time It Has Its PCIe Slot At The Back

Motherboards with slots at the back have started to become widespread in the market, with firms like ASUS and MSI initially beginning the tradition. This is an attempt to make cable management much more hassle-free for an ordinary consumer, along with ensuring that through backside ports, no power cables are visible at the front. Maxsun certainly isn't new to this trend since the firm has previously unveiled a YTX form-factor motherboard, the Terminator H770 YTX, which did come with connectors at the back, but this time, the firm has decided to do something interesting by shifting the GPU's PCIe connection at the back.

At the Intel CTE CEO Summit 2024, Maxsun revealed a new design for their new "Back-to-Back" motherboard, which yet again comes in a YTX design, but this time, it comes with the feature of mounting your GPU at the back, allowing eliminating the need of a PCIe extension cable. Through this, the company aims to reduce the expenses of the PCIe extension cables used in traditional back-connection motherboards and provide a tidy look by mounting the GPU at the back.

The motherboard is indeed ideal for compact builds, since the YTX form factor, coupled with the back-connected graphics card will manufacturers to integrate more elements into such builds. However, Maxsun hasn't revealed what sort of power delivery figures are we looking at, and neither has disclosed other specifications about their new YTX form-factor motherboard yet, so we will have to wait and see what it offers. The firm has also achieved a "CTE Desktop Motherboard 2023 Sales Champion" award from Intel as well, which shows the popularity of the company in the region.