Man in wheelchair steals $5k from player at Rivers Casino

Wild Casino

An investigation is underway after $5,000 was stolen from a slot machine player at Rivers Casino.

Pennsylvania State Police say the incident happened on March 8, and the incident was released on Friday.

According to troopers, a man won $5,000 playing slots.

He cashed out and went back to the machines with the money wrapped in $100 bills, placing the money in his pocket.

He resumed playing when the cash fell out of his pants onto the floor behind his chair, unbeknownst to him.

A short time later, while the victim was still unaware he dropped the money, an unidentified white male, believed to be between the age of 50 and 60, in an electric wheelchair was seen picking up the banded $5,000 cash and leaving the casino property.

Troopers say the suspect took the subway, getting off at the T-station between the casino and Acrisure Stadium.