Lottery player wins $48,162 in Quick Draw Progressive. Here's where

North Jersey
Lottery player wins $48,162 in Quick Draw Progressive. Here's where
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A lottery player in Essex County won a portion of a Quick Draw Progressive jackpot on Wednesday, the New Jersey Lottery announced.

The winning ticket sold at the Kaival Mini Store on Washington Avenue in Nutley won 10% of the progressive jackpot worth $48,162. The Quick Draw Progressive Jackpot was over $434,000 on Thursday.

"Quick Draw Progressive tickets are sold at any retailer and offer a fast way for players to see if their ticket is a lucky winner," the NJ Lottery states.

What is Quick Draw Progressive?

Quick Draw Progressive Jackpot is a "available to every single player at no additional cost," the lottery states. At the bottom of every Quick Draw ticket is printed nine “Your Jackpot Numbers” from 0 to 80. If you hit all nine numbers you win a portion of the progressive jackpot depending on how much you wagered on that ticket. A $1 ticket wins 10% of the jackpot, $2 ticket wins 20% and any ticket of $10 or more would win 100% of the jackpot.

The New Jersey Lottery holds Quick Draw drawings every four minutes.