Live Dealer Casino Etiquette: Dos & Don'ts You Should Follow

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The top do’s and don’ts of playing liver dealer casino – and how not to get booted from the table.

Live dealer online casino table games might seem like a great place to be a troll while hiding your face and making some moolah. But don’t be that person. Keep your wits in check and stick to the casino’s terms and conditions and rules surrounding online play. Need to brush up on some online etiquette (or netiquette, if you will) for the blackjack or craps table? You’ve come to the right place.

You might not have known this, but playing at a live dealer casino means following a certain set of rules that go beyond the standard ones you may be used to when playing other casino games. But before we get to the list of dos and don’ts you should first make sure you’ve picked a good provider to play at. And which better operator to sign up at than 888 Casino? Apart from being highly ranked amongst other competing and eligible rivals, 888 offers players great bonuses.

Don’t: Take forever to bet or make a move

If you are playing at a live dealer casino, you have to remember that there are (usually) other real people playing right alongside you at the table. While you will probably have a limited time in which to place a bet or make a move, that’s counted down on your app and then locked off it’s wise to do it pretty swiftly. Taking your time on every play can be seen as rude by other players who want to keep the ball rolling.

If you want to get some practice in so that you’re not taking so long, then head over to the non-live play games instead first.

Don’t: Use language you wouldn’t use around a six-year-old

While it’s all well and good to get loose with your lips in a poker game when you’re in a private home around your friends, here is not the place. Yes, there are rules in place to make sure that players are over the legal age in your area, but that doesn’t mean you won’t offend them if you start dropping f-bombs (yes, even if you add **** in the chat instead). 

If there is chat available it’s likely moderated in the first place to remove profanities or block your text altogether, but even so, it’s nice to be nice. Don’t be that A-hole at the table. Use language you wouldn’t mind using around six-year-olds and grandmas. Feel free to sprinkle in ‘Oh dang!’ or ‘Gosh darn it!’ if you’re feeling spicy.

Do: Tip your dealer

If you’re playing at a casino where tipping your dealer is an option, absolutely go ahead and tip them if you’re feeling fancy or generous or have a win! When you’re at a physical casino, you’ll often see players flipping the dealer a chip or two if they have a good win. The same goes in the online world. 

There is a real-life person behind the game here, operating as the dealer, which means that it is their job. Many of the people who are the dealers here are operating from a studio somewhere in your own state or province! If in doubt, just think about whether you would tip the person if you were playing at your local casino rather than on your phone or laptop.

But if you’re not in the mood to tip? Don’t worry. The dealer won’t ‘accidentally’ deal you bad cards. If those happen to come up it’s just the luck of the draw, baby.

Do: Be friendly

One of the perks of live dealer games is that you get to be social without, well, you know, actually being social. You’re here to mix and mingle with the dealer at least, and hopefully other players too, while getting riled up in the game. So why not push up your sleeves and get to typing to the rest of the table while you play? Don’t forget to click to place your bets and whatnot at the same time. If you find some friendly people in the game you can always buddy up and say “Same time, same place next week?”

Be aware that if you’re not friendly and harass either other players or the dealer, then you are likely to get booted – just like any other random space on the internet.