Life as a Casino Dealer

Life as a Casino Dealer
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If you have ever played a casino game, either in a brick-and-mortar casino or just a poker game online, you will know how important the dealer is to the game. Live casino games are exciting and exhilarating, and the knowledge of the casino dealer (also known as a croupier) is part of that.

Becoming a casino dealer might seem like an interesting career choice for you if you love playing blackjack or have a penchant for roulette, but there is more to the job than just dealing some cards, so here are some things to think about if you are considering a new role.

What Does a Casino Dealer Do?

Land-based casinos use dealers to run the different games on the floor. Some dealers will be on card tables, dealing cards for poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Other dealers will be spinning roulette wheels.

Wherever the croupier is, they will be simultaneously ensuring that the games are running well, that the players understand the rules of the game that they are playing, and that they are having a great time. The dealer is the one who provides essential customer service, keeping players happy whilst also watching for problems, like aggression or cheating, for example.

What Qualifications and Skills Do I Need to Become a Casino Dealer?

There is no specific qualification that you need to achieve if you want to become a casino dealer, wherever you want to work.

In most cases, you will juts have needed to complete your normal schooling to be considered – and be over 18 (or 21, depending on the casino). You will be expected to pass a drug test and have no criminal convictions and pass a financial background check.

Skills that you might need will include:

  • Maths knowledge

  • Games knowledge – understanding rules, taking bets, and calculating odds, for example.

  • Customer service

  • Friendly and approachable

Physical casinos are usually open 24/7, so you will need to be prepared for working 8-10 hour shifts to cover these hours.

There are casino dealer courses that you can take, but many locations will offer on the job training which is usually a better option.

Pay and Promotion Opportunities as a Casino Dealer

Casino dealers are not particularly well paid. Most casinos will only pay their croupiers minimum wage, with the usual employment benefits like paid holiday and a pension, for example.

However, one of the perks of being a casino dealer is the tips. In the right situation, croupiers can make big gains from winning customers – and this is largely down to their customer service skills. It is not unheard of for the best croupiers in the most sought-after casinos to make six figures, although this should not be considered the norm.

With experience, there are some promotion opportunities within the industry. Some dealers will move into a Dealer Inspector role, ensuring that rules of fairness are being upheld. Most will become a Pit Supervisor, managing a handful of croupiers from one section. Then, the ultimate role for most is to become the Casino Manager.

What are the Drawbacks of Becoming a Casino Dealer?

As with all roles, it isn’t all fun, games, and lucrative tips when you become a casino dealer. There are some things that you should consider before you apply, as they could be a dealbreaker for you.

Firstly, the casino environment itself is something to consider. The exciting sounds, bright lights, and adrenaline-soaked atmosphere might be enticing for the players, but it can be draining for the croupiers as they come to the end of a busy 10-hour shift.


Dealing with players who might be riding the highs of a winning streak (and tipping their croupiers well) might be fun, but there is a dark side to this. Players who are not winning can often be aggressive or emotional, and this is only made worse when alcohol is in the mix. Casino dealers need to be able to handle people at their best and their worst, and this can be tough for even the most seasoned dealer.

Running these games can be stressful. Everyone can make mistakes, and that includes the croupiers – but mistakes with stakes this high can have enormous consequences. When a player is not having a game going their way, they are quick to blame the dealer, so it is even worse when there actually has been a mistake. Players can be unforgiving.

The last thing to consider is just how physically demanding it can be. The shifts are long, and you will spend most of them on your feet, providing happy, friendly customer service to a multitude of different people.

If you still think that the life of a casino dealer is for you, then you can apply for a role at your local casino – and follow their application process.