Kaspa Trends With 35% Boost as Influencers Rally Behind It!

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Kaspa Trends With 35% Boost as Influencers Rally Behind It!
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It has been a great month or so for the crypto market as it continues to go from strength to strength since its recovery in mid-October. Traditionally October and then November are two of the market’s strongest months, and after initial growing pains, this looks like it’s going to be the case again in 2023.

One coin that has been excelling long before this profitable period is Kaspa (KAS); the proof-of-work blockchain network has been one of the best-performing coins of 2023 and has even seen its price increase by over 2000% since the turn of the year.

We will discuss later what has made Kaspa such a success, but first, we are going to try to pinpoint the next project that could pump like KAS. After trawling the presale market, one project stands out above the rest; TG.Casino ($TGC).

Some of you may be surprised we have chosen a crypto casino as our number one presale project with the potential to pump like Kaspa. So, let’s take a look at what brought us to this conclusion.

TG.Casino- This project has the potential to be the market’s biggest crypto casino once listings begin

The online gambling industry has exploded in the last couple of years. This has mostly got to do with it being legalized in the USA state-by-state. We are now seeing a massive push in marketing and advertising by casinos and sportsbooks as online gambling becomes one of the most profitable industries.

We said above we think TG.Casino ($TGC) can be the market-leading casino very soon. A lot of this has to do with their clever market analysis. Although the crypto casino market is growing, it still remains very much in the shadow of traditional online casinos. This mostly has to do with crypto being a niche market, and unfortunately, unfamiliarity breeds distrust with potential customers.

What these customers don’t realize is crypto casinos can actually function a lot better than traditional online casinos. For example, a lot of standard casinos will be geo-blocked or just unavailable to players depending on their choice of payment or location. Crypto has no borders, so all you need is an internet connection, and you will be able to use crypto casinos like TG.Casino.

Every transaction made on the blockchain is indisputable. This means that players never have to worry about any transaction irregularities or disputes. Speaking of transaction times, they are much quicker using crypto as they mostly occur within seconds. Some traditional online casinos will make you wait days before you will receive your winnings, but that won’t happen with casinos like TG.Casino.

How a clever partnership might give TG.Casino the largest customer base in the market

All of what we said above, however, is useless if non-crypto casino players are unfamiliar with the currency. TG.Casino has recognized this and made a huge pull by partnering with Telegram. This will make TG.Casino a . It is a very smart move because what better way to alleviate potential customers’ doubts about a casino than by partnering with a world-renowned app best known for its incredible security and privacy features?

The benefits this partnership will bring to the casino are almost endless. The most obvious, of course, is the huge potential customer base it opens up for the casino. TG. Casino will be hosted on the Telegram app, meaning anyone who has it can play. This gives the project a head start over even well-established crypto casinos as their potential player base is already in the millions.

We mentioned excellent privacy and security features, but Telegram is also well-known for its bots. These bots contribute to a well-maintained messaging app and will also make the crypto casino top tier. They will help facilitate transactions and other actions to give players a seamless experience. Let’s also not forget Telegram is known for its groups and channels, which are ready-made community-building tools.

The casino is also very dedicated to its players and especially to rewarding loyalty. Staking rewards and loyalty bonuses will be a big part of the ecosystem to ensure that both investors and players wish to hang around and stay involved in the project.

Every day the casino has pledged to purchase open market $TGC using a share of its profits. 40% of this total will be burnt. This increases scarcity and is good news for those who stake. The other 60% will be used for activities like sustaining the ecosystem and rewarding loyal casino players with bonuses. The presale has just surpassed over $2.5 million raised, and the hype is really building about this coin’s potential.

How far can Kaspa continue to pump?

Below is the 7-day performance chart for Kaspa (KAS). As readers will see, the gains just keep on coming for this proof-of-work coin. Kaspa is a fast and scalable instant confirmation transaction layer built on a proof-of-work engine. It combines a proof-of-work consensus mechanism and implements a blockDAG (Block Directed Acyclic Graph) structure.

In layman’s terms, it is very good for mining Bitcoin. How far can it go, though? Well, its recent good form, and probable future good form, is likely coming from the good projection surrounding Bitcoin cloud mining. You can be certain that the new project Bitcoin Minetrix, which is gaining a lot of buzz because of its cloud mining and staking combination, is also driving a lot of investors toward Kaspa.

In terms of its future, it would be hard to sway anyone off investing. After all, it has one of the longest records of consistent performance in the market. There is no reason to say why this won’t continue, especially when the total market cap continues to grow.

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To put a bow on things, we think both coins discussed in this article should provide returns for investors. However, TG.Casino has a more clear path to short and long-term gains. The fact it is still available at its presale price also stands to it as investors have a chance to get in on the ground floor and make some serious profit.