Is the growth of the online casino market a danger for the land-based casinos in Canada?

Author: Live Casino Direct
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Canada has a diverse landscape of land-based casinos. Niagara Fallsview casino and Montréal Casino are examples of the most famous.

Online casinos offer players an unrivaled number of games and ease of access. The growth of online casinos could lead to a combined 5-billion-dollar market by 2030.

The growth of online casinos in Canada is increasing. The average Canadian spends $60 a year on sports betting and $75 a years on online gambling. Online casinos are not allowed to offer their services from Canada, but Canadians are free to play at offshore casinos. The Canadian sports betting industry is estimated at around 2.2 billion dollars for 2030, and the iGaming industry projected to be $2.4 billion.

The growth of online gaming poses a threat to land-based casinos. However, when brick-and-mortar casinos are open for business, they can incorporate online casinos to diversify their business. Local casinos need to step up their game to match the benefits of the online casino. Online casinos offer better margins for players. Land- based casinos must focus on offering an unforgettable experience. The solution is to offer an unmatched in-person experience when a player visits a casino in Canada.

Bonuses for new and existing players are a big advantage of online casinos. They can double a player's first deposit and give them twice the money to play with.

The growth of the online casino market is a danger for the land-based casinos in Canada. Online casinos offer players the chance to play their favorite games. Physical casinos will always be at a disadvantage. They can only serve those players that live close enough to the casino to make the trip worthwhile. Other players will flock to their online counterparts by default.