Innovative Technologies Shaping The Future Of Classic Tabletop Games

Innovative Technologies Shaping The Future Of Classic Tabletop Games

Creating virtual experiences of all kinds has been a major trend in recent years. Now, even traditional pastimes that have been with us for decades if not centuries are also transcending into the virtual realm. As modern life and globalization make it harder for people to come together around one table to play traditional games such as cards and board games, technological innovations are creating new ways to play. These three technologies are shaping the future of tabletop games. 

Live Video

Technological advancements, increasing internet speeds, and the ubiquitous smartphone make it easier for people around the globe to connect in real-time and be face-to-face virtually via video calls or live streams. This enables new ways to get together to play classic games. The virtual meeting software provider Zoom and video call giant Skype allow users to play all kinds of games via video. For instance, Zoom has a large library of game apps on offer that can be played directly within the video chat, including card games, a dice game, and Trivia. 

You can also find a vast variety of digital versions of game classics online. Through apps and online platforms, all kinds of games have been made available in digital format. From chess and Monopoly to Crazy Eights and Exploding Kittens all the way to blackjack and poker. Players can play these digitally with others and connect via a video call simultaneously for an interactive shared experience. Providers of online casino games are also taking advantage of these technologies to offer traditional games in a modern way for players from around the globe. There are many online platforms available to play on, with experts reviewing and rating providers on casino reviewz for players from specific regions. The best-rated ones don’t just offer a large game library of digital casino games such as slots and table games, but also include a live casino. Players connect with a real dealer via a live stream and can play table games such as blackjack in an innovative and immersive way. As such, live video connects players and game providers to create new experiences for classic games.

Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality (AR) breaks down barriers between the digital and physical worlds, allowing for digital elements to spill into our real surroundings. Using smartphones or tablets, players can project tabletop games onto their real tables and make it appear as if the game was really in their kitchen. Pokémon GO was the game that made AR gaming popular around the globe, making the collectible card game playable through AR. However, many other classic games have found their way into AR apps, with games such as AR Catan and AR Chess making the boards of these popular strategy games appear digitally on any real surface. 

Providers such as ardentroleplay bring the classic pen-and-paper tabletop RPGs to life using AR. Both when playing face-to-face and online, AR can project miniatures, scenery, animations, and more onto a physical surface through smartphones and tablets. AR entertainment company Tilt Five is taking this to the next level by using AR glasses to create tabletop holograms of the renowned strategy game Catan. Players can experience the holographic worlds of Catan at the same table, remotely, or with AI opponents to play the classic game like never before.

Virtual Reality

The ultimate innovative way to experience tabletop games is via virtual reality (VR). VR lets players step into the third dimension to experience all kinds of games and experiences with a new level of immersion. Many tabletop games can now be played in VR, letting players gather around a virtual table with friends and other players. The number one software available on steampowered is the Tabletop Simulator. Users can play all kinds of tabletop games in VR, from chess and dominoes to poker and Mahjong. You can even create customized games and rules for endless tabletop game options. 

Strategy enthusiasts can also jump into a round of Catan fully immersed in VR and enjoy a lifelike Catan experience with friends. For a truly immersive role-playing experience, the VR game Demeo is a great option that makes the classic tabletop RPG come to life in the virtual realm, including dice throws, cards, miniatures, and much more.

Technological advancements allow for the creation of new ways to play classic tabletop games. Innovations through live video, AR, and VR are shaping the future of game nights, breaking down geographical and technical barriers, and making classic games playable in the virtual realm.