ImmorTails of Egypt (video slot) launched by Play‘n GO

Author: Live Casino Direct
ImmorTails of Egypt (video slot) launched by Play‘n GO
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Play’n GO has launched its new ImmorTails of Egypt video slot. The game features the characters Sekhmet, Bastet and Mafdet on a mission to prevent their Apep adversary from stealing all the treasure.

Play’n GO was established in 1997 and it has already produced over 200 video slots. ImmorTails of Egypt is an exciting addition to the portfolio.

Play’n GO launched ImmorTails of Egypt video slot. It features representations of the three cats sitting on top of a grid square. Collecting three of these icons will set off the title's bonus round and increase the attraction‘s multiplier.

ImorTails of Egypt has a 94.2% return to player ratio and allows iGaming aficionados to cover all five of its reels with expanding wilds. The game's free spins round sees an extra row added and the multiplier is applied as a locked treasure chest.

George Olekszy is a games ambassador for Play’n GO. He thinks ImmorTails of Egypt is fun and the game's kitten characters are innovative way of tying features, theme and narrative together. The game is set against backdrop of a tomb with pillars covered in hieroglyphics with a feline touch.