Imagine Live unveils new game show: “Robin The Fair”
Imagine Live unveils new game show: “Robin The Fair”
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With its innovative gameplay mechanics and heartfelt homage to the timeless legend of Robin Hood, this card game promises an experience that will captivate players and transport them to a world of excitement.

Imagine Live has recently unveiled its latest creation: Robin The Fair. This captivating adventure game show brings to life the timeless tale of the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood, in an exhilarating and modern gaming experience.

Robin The Fair is a “thrilling action-adventure card game where players must make strategic choices.” Participants engage in a card-based game where they are presented with seven rows, each containing two cards. The primary objective is for players to predict the higher card from each row.

“We strongly believe that Robin The Fair has the potential to transform live casino games. It’s a fresh take on gaming, yet it incorporates well-known gaming logic,” says Mikayel Aznauryan, Chief Product Officer of Imagine Live.

One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the potential for up to x5000 multipliers, which incentivize players to progress through the game, reach higher rows, and maximize their winnings.

On the base game, players aim to predict the highest card in each of the seven rows, with each row comprising two cards. The goal is to identify the card with the highest value within each pair. The game features fourteen unique cards, ranging from 2 to ACE, with the esteemed Joker holding the highest value.

“We designed the game with simple rules; it’s dynamic, and payouts are based on the player’s choices. Our studio is a vibrant haven, meticulously adorned to engage players in the heart-pounding adventures of Robin Hood. In Robin The Fair, we bring the legend to life!” says Hovhannes Tadevosyan, Head of the Marketing Department at Imagine Live.

Imagine Live has reimagined the gaming experience with a simple card game that brings the legendary tales of Robin Hood to life. The company believes in the power of simplicity, evident in its User Interface design. This approach elevates excitement, providing an engaging experience for all partners and players.

“Robin The Fair” isn’t just a game; it’s a captivating journey into a world of adventure. With innovative gameplay, stunning visuals, and a nod to the timeless legend of Robin Hood, the game promises to captivate players. As the game’s slogan suggests, ‘Simple Game – Big Wins’.