Illinois Lottery player hits $607K prize while playing online game

Illinois Lottery player hits $607K prize while playing online game
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CHICAGO — An Illinois Lottery player’s week got off to a great start after they won a jackpot prize while playing an online Fast Play game on Monday.

The lucky iLottery player hit it big when they snagged a $607,328 prize while playing Illinois Super Jackpot, a progressive Fast Play game with a jackpot that grows each time a ticket is sold.

The Illinois Lottery said the big winner hit the grand prize just after midnight on Monday and they were just one of over 43,000 players to purchase winning tickets in 2024, which have netted players over $2.3 million in prizes. 

The Illinois Super Jackpot is a $20 fast play ticket and players have a 1 in 3.05 chance of winning a prize. Jackpot odds are much higher at 1 in 120,000.

According to Nerdwallet’s Lottery Tax Calculator, the jackpot winner will take home about $431,416 after taxes, which equals out to about $45,758 in federal taxes and $30,063 in state taxes.

Lottery officials released details about the big win on Wednesday but did not disclose the name of the winner.

Illinois Super Jackpot is one of 20 Fast Play games available in the state. While the jackpot winner purchased the ticket online, Fast Play games can also be purchased in person at participating retail locations.

Fast Play Winners have one year from the date of winning to claim their prizes and players who win over $600 must claim their prizes by mail or at an Illinois Lottery Claim Center.