How to choose the best South African Casino
How to choose the best South African Casino

Choosing the best casino to play at can often be a difficult task. However, there are a few different factors that players can take into account. We’ve taken a close look into the most important aspects players need to look at in order to select the very best online casino. 

Safety & Security

This is the most important factor that South African players have to take into account. If an online casino isn’t secure, players can’t trust it. With a lack of trust, it ensures players aren’t safe. Checking the security of a site is the first thing players should do. 

The security can be checked in a number of different ways. Firstly, players should look into the regulation that the site offers. If a site has a regulatory licence, it means it has passed a number of checks to make sure it’s fully compliant. 

Secondly, players should research the reputation of the site. If the site has a poor reputation with players, there’s a good chance that it doesn’t behave in a fair manner. On the other side of the coin, if the site has a positive reputation with players then it’s likely it treats players fairly. 

Finally, players should look into the game providers used at the site. If the site is known for using fake versions of providers, then it means the game will be unfair. Ensure all games are licensed and legitimate before beginning to play. 

Payment Options

The payment providers that are available are vital to research. If players aren’t able to select the payment option they intend to use, then the site isn’t of any use. This is what makes it essential to research the options the site offers. Looking through the available options makes it simple for players to choose a site which provides the easiest access for them. 

For example, if players intend to use cryptocurrency to play, there’s no point signing up for a site without crypto access. The same concept applies to eWallets and other forms of payment. 

Game Selection

The choice of games can make a huge difference to players. Players who enjoy video slots will be let down if a site focuses purely on table games. The same concept can be applied to any genre of games. Players should always look into the game selection before signing up. 

It’s not just the genre of games that the site focuses on that’s important either. Players should also be aware of the software providers a site uses. If the developer has a poor selection of games, or doesn’t offer a specific type of game, it can be a let down for players. 

An example of this would be players who want to play progressive jackpot games. If they’re not available, then that site wouldn’t be the right one. Megaways games are another form of slot that might be unavailable to players, even though a good selection of slots are offered. 

Bonuses & Promotions

Many sites offer players the ability to claim a bonus. However, there are plenty of reasons why players should research a bonus before claiming. The first aspect that has to be looked into is what the bonus offers. If the bonus is set at a poor level, it’s not worth claiming. On top of this, the terms and conditions of the bonus are critical. If a bonus has unfair terms, it’s not worth claiming. An example of unfair terms would be high wagering requirements with a time limit to achieve them. 

Casino Reviews

Reading casino reviews is an excellent way to learn about what different casinos have to offer. We’ve covered two top South African casinos in quick capsule reviews to help players understand what to look for. For players who want high-quality reviews, there are some excellent ones available which cover individual online casinos in great detail. Reviews can be found on online casino South Africa guides using Google.

ZAR Casino

ZAR Casino is one of the most interesting casinos on the market at the moment. It features an excellent choice of games, with the live casino selection being particularly impressive. The welcome bonus is quite impressive, with up to R30,000 available to new players. It also has a huge selection of additional bonuses to claim. It’s excellent for players who want to add to their bankroll. 

What’s excellent about ZAR Casino is its VIP scheme. While there are bonuses available through the VIP scheme, it also increases the maximum withdrawal that players can make. So, loyal players have the ability to make larger withdrawals than players who don’t play often. 

A slight negative to ZAR Casino is that it doesn’t offer sports betting. Players who want the option to bet on sports will have to look for different sites. ZAR Casino is purely for South African players, so players outside of this jurisdiction are unable to sign up. It means it’s completely aimed at players within South Africa.

Springbok Casino

What instantly stands out about Springbok Casino is its Curacao license. It’s always excellent to see a license in place at an online casino as it means players have higher levels of trust available. Springbok is one of the most trusted sites around and provides players with some excellent casino games. 

There are some excellent progressive slot games to enjoy at Springbok, although it does raise a slight issue. Progressive jackpot withdrawals come under the withdrawal limits at Springbok. This isn’t typically an ethical way to behave, as progressive jackpots are paid out by the software developer, not the casino itself. Other than this the overall treatment at Springbok is superb.

Players can claim some fantastic bonuses at Springbok Casino, helping players to boost their bankroll. The overall promotional schemes at Springbok are excellent, which makes it a quality casino for players who want to undertake a management strategy. 

The game choice is on the whole excellent. The slot choice and table games are some of the best around. However, there are no live dealer games or sports betting options. It would be nice to have the extra options available, as it gives players a wider variety of choices. 

Which Site to Choose?

It’s difficult to definitively state which site players should pick. There are a large number of different online casinos on the market, which gives players a lot of choices. As such, players should look into the previous points in order to find the best one.

Players should also be aware of what they want from the casino. For example, a site that has excellent bonuses but a poor quality selection of games would be of no use to a player that wants to enjoy lots of different games. So, it’s not just a case of choosing based on one single aspect. Players should look into all of the different factors in order to choose the best online casino.

Making your Choice

After looking through the different choices, players have to work out which ones are the most important for them. The best way to do this is to rank the most important factors to you personally. Players who like slots should look for the best games, players who like to add to their bankroll should look for bonuses, and whatever the other factors that are important should also be taken into account. 

After ranking the factors, players are ready to select the best casino for their needs. Using our guide will make it a simple task to find the very best casino to play at. 


Gambling can be addictive and players who feel pressured to spend in excess of their affordability are encouraged to seek help. We encourage gamblers who want out to contact the Twin Rivers Rehabilitation Centre OR Responsible Gambling.

After all, losing out on winnings is not worth losing one’s self, let alone their loved ones.


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