How Is Africa's Relationship With Gambling Evolving

How Is Africa's Relationship With Gambling Evolving

Africa is rich in mineral wealth, black gold and spectacular wildlife. Most African countries have improved over the years, making way for industries like casinos. Rio Casino Resort is Africa's largest and fifth largest casino. Tsogo Sun Montecasino is another largest in South Africa.

How does gambling in Africa evolve?

Gambling was banned in most African countries. Some countries still have prejudices against this form of entertainment. In South Africa, the ban was strengthened in 1965 and in 1994, all forms of gambling were legalized. In 1983, hotelier Sol Kerzner opened a new casino under the company Sun International. Sun opened the first casino in South African territory in 1993. Two years later, it created a licensed casino system and a national lottery.

Gambling laws in Africa were introduced in 1996 and 2004. The 1996 version legalized gambling activities, including sports betting and lottery. In 2004, the Act embargoed online casinos. Online bookmakers may be allowed to serve the continent if they secure a license from the authorities and pay levies. National Gambling Amendment Act was passed in 2008. It allows citizens to gamble on all kinds of casino establishments and online gambling.

The majority of casinos and gambling activities are being put up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Next to South African, Kenya is also a huge gambling fan. Some of the best casinos in Nairobi are Mayfair Casino, Finix Casino and Pink Apple Casino. Other top gambling African nations include Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and others. Africa's history has a patchy history but it has always been associated with gambling. The evidence of dice during ancient Egypt and horse racing in the late 17th century shows that African people love gambling and it's growing.

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