Hot drops bring a new dimension to casino slots

Hot drops bring a new dimension to casino slots
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Slot games remain the most popular genre in the casino, representing around three quarters of the games available and generating a similar proportion of the revenue. But the fact that most of this revenue comes from players who were born in the mid 1960s and earlier is one that surely gives casino companies pause for thought. 

Appealing to everyone

Slot game developers have a tightrope to walk. It’s vital to keep appealing to those established players of a certain age. These are people who know what they like and want more of it. Keep in mind that the most-played new slot release of the past year or two has been Starburst Exxxtreme, a very lightly remastered version of a retro classic that has been around for years and never leaves the top five. 

At the same time, developers need to think well outside the box to come up with new variations on the traditional slots theme that will capture the attention of new, younger audiences. Hot Drops is a slots innovation that looks like it could do just that.

About Hot Drop jackpots

If you are acquainted with the progressive jackpots found in games like Mega Moolah, you will see that Hot Drop Jackpots are conceptually similar. Every time someone places a wager to play the game, the hot drop prize pool increases until it decides to pay out. To win the jackpot, the player must not only spin three matching jackpot symbols, but must also get the timing right.

This sounds similar to a conventional progressive jackpot so far. The crucial difference is that players get some clues as to when hot drops might pay out – or to put it another way, when they are hot and ready to drop!

There are three types of hot drop jackpot:

  1. Hourly – a maximum of 60 minutes will elapse between payouts. Of course, when it pays out this regularly, the jackpot won’t be a life changing sum, but typically runs into four figures.

  2. Daily – the same principle but daily instead of hourly. The prize will be higher – about $25Kis commonplace.

  3. Super Drop – this is the biggest and juiciest jackpot. It is not timed to drop at a particular time, but must activate before the fund reaches a certain maximum amount, typically $250,000.

Hot drop jackpot strategy

The Super Drop jackpot remains a real long-shot just like progressive jackpots. But hourly and daily jackpots are attainable and savvy players keep a close eye on the game dashboard to see just how hot they are getting. You will be one of dozens trying to get it just right, and there is no way to guarantee success. 

Nevertheless, hot drops add that interesting x-factor that could attract millennials and Gen-Z-ers to slot games. You can to see a list of online casinos that offer a wide range of slots, including such popular hot drops as Golden Buffalo, 777 and A Night With Cleo.