Gambling in Ireland: Online and Offline Options

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Gambling in Ireland: Online and Offline Options
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When it comes to gambling in Ireland, punters have a wide range of options that broadly include both online and offline options. Of course, each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. This article will look at what options one can explore when it comes to gambling in Ireland, with the hope of making a clear outline that will enable punters to make informed and sober decisions.

Online Gambling Options in Ireland

When it comes to online options, Ireland truly does not shy away from giving punters an incredible choice of options to place bets on. As the options are quite wide, it would be wise to make use of structured criteria to find the best casino that offers the best deposit options. One may take a look at the best Irish casinos to help them make up their mind. Regarding its legality, it is not illegal to play games on online casinos even when they are registered abroad. What does online gambling in Ireland involve? Well, one would see that it involves the following main types:

  • Live gambling casino – With this type of online casino, users get to have a real feel of the brick and mortar casino as dealer action is broadcast live from their location, allowing users to place bets and view results in real-time. Live gambling brings on games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and others, except for slots. The beauty of live gambling is that with improving technology, it is becoming more real, and brings in an almost natural feeling that one would experience when they visit a land-based casino. With virtual reality and augmented reality technology getting advanced, you would easily be able to view the dealer room from all angles, almost making it unnecessary to visit one land-based casino anymore.
  • Mobile online casino – as the name implies, this type of online casino allows users to access games from any location using their mobile device, tablet, or laptop. The good thing is with the games today, they automatically adjust to your device screen size so you would not need to worry much about what device you are using as long as it is compatible with the software. Mobile casinos allow you to place bets from any location and time, and even better, the advent of cloud gaming allows you to seamlessly switch between devices. You would need to use the casino after downloading their respective app or by using their mobile browser.
  • Minimum deposit casinos – Another broader classification of online casinos is that of minimum deposit casinos. With these, you would only need a modest deposit amount such as 1, 5, or 10 GBP, which even allows you to enjoy the fun, explore games, and the casino offerings. This is good considering some casinos offer higher deposit requirements, and let alone land-based casinos require higher bankroll to be able to sit at a table.

Whilst there are many more ways of classifying online casinos, we shall stick to these for now as they are the major ones.

Features and Advantages of Online Gambling

One thing that sells out bout online gambling is that they offer several features that make them a good selling point. These include:

  • Game selection – Hands down, online casinos have a really wide game selection that ranges from the popular and classical slots to table games and modern evolving games such as Starburst. The stake amounts are also flexible, and users can place wagers from as low as 0.1 GBP up to the higher limit imposed by the casino.
  • Payment methods – When it comes to making transactions, online casinos present several options including debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Deposits are mostly processed instantly, and withdrawal times are variable with the method selected.
  • Bonuses – A standout feature of online casinos is that of casino bonuses which range from welcome bonuses (in most cases the highest) to free spins and free cash and to no deposit bonuses that can be exploited to make a profit or just to learn more about the games and casinos. Watch out for the terms and conditions which would need to be met before any withdrawal is made.

Disadvantages of Online Gambling

Whilst the features above make online gambling stand out against offline, it does not come with its disadvantages, however. The main one being that as it is available at any time from any location, users may quickly get addicted to gambling or may lose focus on their present tasks.

Offline Gambling Options

Land-based gambling in casinos in Ireland is not allowed according to local law. However, there is a loophole in the law that allows member clubs to run amusement machines that are in any way a form of gambling. If you are willing to explore this option, you would need to locate one membership club and fill out the membership forms. Looking at an overall perspective, this makes land-based casino gaming different from other major markets such as the UK and the US.


When it comes to gambling options, Ireland residents have a broad choice to select from either online or offline ones. However, considering the present restrictions on offline casinos, the superior advantages of online casinos make it more worthwhile to explore these if one wants to consider gambling.