Fortune Coins Casino Review 2022

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Fortune Coins Casino Review 2022
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Sweepstakes casinos and social casinos are exploding in North America. Fortune Coins is a sweepstakes casino available to players in both the US and Canada. Every game can be played using Gold Coins, which you receive for free when you sign up. You can also purchase additional Gold coins.

Fortune Coins offers a lot of bonuses for signing up. Every person who signs up will receive 100,000 GC and 200 FC. There is also a daily login casino bonus, which gives you an additional 30,00 GC. One-time casino offers for both GC, FC and Facebook account link are available.

Fortune Coins offers the exact same bonuses and offers to every member.

Fortune Coins offers a great refer-a-friend program. Loyal players get free Gold Coins and Fortune Coins every time they log in. If they use the link to share with their friends, they will receive some bonus FC when they make their first purchase.

Signing up at Fortune Casino is very simple. You get 100,000 GC and 200 FC for creating an account. You can also get a daily login bonus of 30,00 GC.

Fortune Coins Casino Review 2022 explains how to obtain Fortune Coins and Gold Coins. Fortune coins can be redeemed for cash prizes, but you can't purchase them.

There are four ways to get more Fortune Coins. Gold Coin Purchases are the most common one. Refer a friend to buy Gold Coins and you and your friend will receive some Fortune coins as a free bonus. Daily Login Bonus is a bonus for logging into your account every day.

Every time you purchase GC you get some FC as a free bonus. If you refer a friend and they buy Gold Coins, both you and the friend get FC.

Fortune Coins is a social casino software. It's well designed and easy to use. The app is optimized for mobile devices. It works well on both Android and iOS. There are different categories for Slots, Fish Games, and Others. You can buy Gold coins. Redemptions can be requested via the button in the main menu.

Fortune Coins has a small but diverse menu of games. Every game offers the possibility of winning a jackpot. Fortune Coins can be played for GC or FC. If you win more Fortune coins, they can also be redeemed for cash prizes.

Fortune Coins casino has more than 30 different games on offer. The games follow the site's general aesthetic: bright, fun and easy to understand. Horror and fantasy is speciality at Fortune Coins. There are four progressive jackpots in play for every game: Mini, Grand, Super and Fortune.

The table games at Fortune Coins are available for GC and FC. Blackjack and roulette were temporarily unavailable during the review, but they should be available soon. The table game range is good for a sweeps casino.

Emily’s Treasure is a game where you must capture exotic sea creatures by shooting cannons at them. Every shot costs some coins and when you hit your target you earn additional coins.

You can't buy Fortune Coins, but you can buy Gold Coins. You can also buy GC. GC purchasing options range from $5 to $300.

Once you've decided on your purchase, you can choose between a few payment methods: Online Banking, Instant Bank Transfer, Credit Cards and Debit Cards. The transactions are hosted on Fortune Coins’ platform and are processed more or less instantly.

How to redeem Fortune Coins for cash prizes at Fortune Coin. You need to gamble with Fortune coins once before they are eligible for redemption.

Before redeeming any prize, you need to provide three documents. The first time you redeem a prize is the only time the verification is necessary. It usually takes a couple of days for the money to arrive.

Fortune Coins Casino Review 2022 requires photo ID, proof of address, utility bill or bank statement.

Fortune Coins offers a good customer support service. The Facebook community is also active. The website offers free games in 49 states and real cash prizes. It is possible to redeem money via the website. There are articles and FAQs explaining everything from how GC and FC work to the redemption process.

Fortune Coin is a sweepstakes casino. It operates legally in 49 states in the US and Canada. You can play the games totally free of charge. Fortune Coins is subject to laws surrounding sweepstakes as opposed to gambling laws.

Fortune Coins has a great range of games, but roulette and blackjack were temporarily unavailable during our review. The total number of the games is around 40. Fortune Coin is mobile optimized for access via a browser.

Fortune Coins Casino Review 2022 has a great range of games, but roulette and blackjack were temporarily unavailable during the review. The total number of the games is around 40.

Fortune Coins is leading the way for social casinos with its progressive jackpots and Fish Games. The rest of the games are great and both the software and overall user experience are excellent.

Fortune Coins is a sweepstakes casino where you can play casino-style games for free.

Fortune Coins is legal in 49 US states and Canada.

Fortune Coins does not have live chat customer support. Instead, you can contact Fortune Coins customer supports via email.

Fortune Coins’ platform has been fully optimized for mobile access.

Fortune Coins can only be received as part of a free bonus.