Famous Australian Celebrities With A Flair For Gambling & Casino Games

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Famous Australian Celebrities With A Flair For Gambling & Casino Games
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When a society is big on enjoying gambling activities, you will definitely see people of various demographics involved. This time, it is Australian celebrities who, not minding their popularity, openly explore their love for gambling.

They often spend millions on their favorite casino games at different casinos. Some have inspiring gambling stories, while others took things too far in the wrong direction. This article highlights some of the most popular Australian celebrities known for their love of gambling.

Talking about celebrities and their hobbies outside their jobs, Russel Crowe comes to mind. The famous Academy Award-winning Australian actor is known for his extravagant gambling lifestyle. He is often caught gambling on blackjack, poker, and sporting events like horse racing.

His love for gambling activities has led to him owning a racehorse named 'The Judge' and writing a song titled 'Gambling Man'. He has once admitted to gambling up to $10,000 weekly on blackjack, and craps. Even with his wild gambling adventure, he has maintained a balanced lifestyle of consistently making great movies and keeping his gambling exciting.

Popular Australian television presenter and journalist Karl Stefanovic is also one who doesn't hide his love for gambling and casino games. He is a pokies (slots) man and was once seen at a Sydney pub playing games. His passion, however, is seen more in his career as a TV presenter, than in gambling.

Jamie Bungaree, a review expert who has written several reviews ononline casinos in Australia, said in one of his recent articles that "online pokies brought a breath of fresh air into the Australian iGaming industry." According to Bungaree, pokies are the most popular casino games because “they incorporate captivating themes, innovative features, and an array of bonus options”. Therefore, it’s no wonder Karl Stefanovic loves slots so much. Today, Karl remains a media sensation and co-host of the Nine Network's breakfast program in Australia.

The story of Mark Bosnich is that of an Australian goalkeeper who battled gambling addictions all through his football career. However, he went into gambling full-time for money upon retirement.

Unfortunately, his story was not a great one as he was constantly losing money. He participated mostly in sports betting, staking large sums, which led him into debt. While this is a sad situation, there's no doubt that this Australian celebrity has allowed his passion for the activity to get the better of him.

Celebrity singers in Australia are not left out of the gambling craze, with Jimmy Barnes being one of the well-known ones. The rockstar musician's gambling story started like Bosnichs' with gambling addictions. He also struggled with drugs and alcohol, alongside losing millions of dollars to gambling.

However, he took control of it later and became a responsible gambler. His love for pokies was quite one to admire. Fortunately, his wife Jane Barnes was able to support him through the trying times and helped him overcome it. Barnes eventually became a celebrity worthy of emulation after his transformation.

Andrew Daddo, a famous Australian media actor and TV host, has been a frequent lover of casino games. Andrew was seen frequently at casinos worldwide, exploring his love for poker games, events, blackjack, and baccarat.

Daddo authored a book to this effect, titled 'A High Roller's Guide to Life on the Edge', giving his two cents about his life when he was a professional gambler. To him, gambling should be for recreation and maybe connecting with new people and not a full-time career.

AFL star Brendan Fevola is another popular Australian celebrity who enjoys gambling and casino games. The former Carlton and Brisbane player was also part of the gambling addiction club. Gambling was an uncontrollable activity for him, and he was also found constantly accused of theft, bar brawls, and cheating. Fevola was nicknamed 'the footy bad boy' by Dailymail, due to his famous cheating scandal with Lara Bingle.

He once opened up about his gambling addiction on The Footy Show and subsequently was sent out of the Crown Casino hours later. Still, Fevola continued in what seems to be his best pastime activity. Presently, he gambles occasionally but keeps it low with a much more conservative approach. He currently works on the Fifi, Fev, and Bryon breakfast radio show, keeping things together and making his differences.

Shane Warne was one of the biggest Australian celebrities with a knack for gambling. This famous cricket player was known for being a beast on the field and a bold player at land-based casinos. In a single night, Shane lost over a million dollars. Did this perturb him? No. He still went ahead to buy a Las Vegas casino to prove his love for gambling further while building a gambling empire.

While he was not known for being so great at gambling, he was found constantly at high-stake poker games and tournaments, dazzling the crowd. Some claim he had a bad gambling addiction. Still, many loved him, including women who constantly drool over him. Warnie, as he is popularly called, died in 2022 and has since been missed by the gambling and Cricket community.

Australian celebrities enjoy different activities outside their career, and gambling is one of their favorites. You'll often findactors, sports legends, business moguls, and TV sensations engaging in gambling. This has greatly influenced the general citizens and brought exciting news to Australia's gambling scene.