Europe's gambling capital: a tour of the most famous casinos

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Europe's gambling capital: a tour of the most famous casinos
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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about casinos in Europe? Monaco of course. It really is a unique place for lovers of mobile gambilng entertainment. Pompous architecture, beautiful decor and a huge number of interesting games are invariably associated with wealth and luxury.

We thought we'd take you on a tour and show you some of Monaco's most famous casinos. You've seen them in the movies, and maybe you've dreamt of going there too.

Monte-Carlo Casino

The majestic building in the heart of the Principality is unquestionably one of the most beautiful casinos in the world. Its style gives its visitors the atmosphere of a beautiful era.

Interestingly, Monegasque citizens are forbidden to visit the place, let alone gamble. But wealthy and gambling foreigners are always welcome here. They often come here from all over the world.


Casino de Monte-Carlo was created to save the aristocratic Grimaldi family from bankruptcy. In 1863, Prince Charles III, who ruled the Principality at the time, founded the casino and with it the management company Société des Bains de Mer, which still exists today. Today it runs the entire gaming and hotel business in Monaco.

Almost immediately the casino made a big name for itself. Each year more and more gamblers visited it. In three years the institution earned so much money that the prospect of bankruptcy disappeared, and the state treasury overflowed so much that the government abolished military service and taxes for citizens.

In 1878 Monaco invited architect Charles Garnier, creator of the Paris Opera, to build new premises for the casino. The gaming centre continued to develop and improve until 1910. New halls with incredible decorations appeared, as well as the famous Atrium, a gallery of 28 stone columns decorated with bronze chandeliers. In 1999 the casino was fully restored and remains so today.

What's inside the Casino de Monte Carlo?

At the famous casino, every gambling visitor will find something to occupy them. European, American and English roulette, poker, blackjack, punto banco, craps and, of course, various slot machines, both new and vintage.

Inside, the casino is strikingly pompous and varied in style. The roulette and poker rooms have a classicist feel. The slot machine room, on the other hand, is modern in design. The casino offers an opera house, a club and two sophisticated restaurants.

There is a mandatory dress code for visitors. Therefore, even if you are a tourist with a single backpack on your shoulders, you will need to wear a jacket and tie to enter the casino. Casual clothes and military uniform will not be allowed inside.

There is a charge to enter the casino. Access to the general gaming rooms costs €10, and access to the private rooms costs double that. Separate gaming rooms are only available for those with high stakes. The entry minimum for roulette, for example, is €200.

Café de Paris Casino

A legendary gaming establishment that gives the feeling of walking the streets of Paris. The casino is popular with locals and visitors because of its huge selection of slot machines and slots, as well as high stakes and frequent winnings.

Statistics show that every 10 minutes, Café de Paris generates a jackpot of more than 800 euros.

The exterior and interior design of the gambling club is up to Monaco standards. Architect Charles Garnier was inspired by the French capital. The casino rooms are semi-dark, creating an atmosphere of mystery and the pleasant anticipation of winning. The highlight of Café de Paris is the incredible view of the Bay of Monaco and the Riviera gardens, which can be enjoyed from the exclusive gaming terrace.

The casino has an assortment of 500 slot machines, as well as poker, American roulette, blackjack and craps tables.

This luxury café is now under renovation. During the renovation, which is due to be completed in 2023, regulars will move into the Empire Room of the Hôtel de Paris. The new Café de Paris was designed by celebrated Monegasque architect Alexandre Giraldi and his equally renowned French colleague Alain-Charles Perrot.

The main new feature is the two-storey Brasserie with a sophisticated dining room and glass ceilings, and the 1,000 square metres rooftop restaurant Amazonico. This Brazilian concept is conquering the world: the brand's restaurants are enjoying success in Madrid, Dubai and London. Although the atmosphere is reminiscent of the Coya restaurant, the cuisine is very different: a huge range of dishes, from premium meat to sushi, will take you on a gastronomic voyage around the world. It's no secret that the Monaco festivities continue into the early hours of the morning, so customers can move to the bar with a dance floor at any time.

And on the ground floor 800 square metres will be devoted to luxury boutiques, including brands never before seen in Monaco. Shopping aficionados are luckier than food lovers: the boutiques will probably open as early as 2023, while the restaurants will open a few weeks later.

Once refurbished, this truly legendary building will boast elegant period-inspired interiors, a magnificent shopping arcade and conceptual venues spread over 14,000 square metres.

Sun Casino

The Sun Casino differs from other casinos in Monaco because of its American flair and relaxed atmosphere. There is no strict dress code or entry fees. That's why it is popular with regular tourists.

The casino offers more than 200 slot machines and table games including Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Punto Banco, and Texas Hold'em.

Sun Casino boasts not only a gaming range but also multiple shows, bars and restaurants. In addition, televisions set up throughout the establishment constantly show live coverage of various sporting events.

According to preliminary data, in 2023 Sun Casino will become a part of the already mentioned Café de Paris casino. But it is not yet known whether it will retain its style.

Right now it is not possible to visit a casino in Monaco because all the establishments are closed due to the pandemic. Despite this, you can still try your hand and play at home online at casinos that accept Neteller.

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