'Enough Room In The Sandbox' For Often Misunderstood Online Lottery

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'Enough Room In The Sandbox' For Often Misunderstood Online Lottery
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The Supreme Court ended Nevada’s virtual monopoly in May 2018. Online casino gaming is only operating in half-dozen states. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan operators have cleared more than $100 million in revenue per month per state for the past year or two. Illinois and Georgia launched online lottery play a decade ago. Nevada legalized online poker in 2013.

May Scheve Reardon is the executive director of the Missouri Lottery. She served in the state House of Representatives for 12 years. Missouri has term limits that limit lawmakers to 8 years in House and the same in Senate. The state has had 3 governors, 8 speakers of House, and 6 heads of state Senate in a dozen years, but it has yet to pass online lottery legislation. iLottery is a multi-million dollar lottery game that is only available directly through state lotteries in few states, such as Illinois and Georgia. Jackpocket is licensed in New York and New Jersey and sells lottery tickets online in up to two dozen other states.

Cannibalization of lottery revenue a myth, panelists say. Data shows that the average age of an iLottery player is 47, compared to 55 for traditional players. U.S. retail lottery stores grew 20% in 2021. The lotteries in the 12 states with supposed iLotto competition had combined retail sales increases of 33%. New Hampshire's top lottery official said, "Modernize or die".