ENC airport has casino flights about once a month

ENC airport has casino flights about once a month
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - If you’ve driven by the Pitt Greenville Airport at just the right time, you may have noticed a bright-colored plane that isn’t usually there and wondered what it’s all about.

Sun Country is an airline that has bright blue and orange planes, and it takes off from the PGV airport about once a month, flying passengers to casinos throughout the country.

Today’s passengers who took off from PGV are headed to have a fun couple of days at Caesars in Atlantic City.

“Well, I wanna win - and my church people Sunday - I told them to say prayers for me that I win, and that’s it. I’ll pull the slots,” passenger Edward Rey said.

Sun Country Airlines has been taking off from Pitt Greenville Airport every month for nearly a decade now, and the plane is more packed than some may think.

“Today, we have about 130, but it’s typically a little over 100, somewhere between 110 and 150. Some of the other places we go to, it’ll be like 20 people, but Greenville is pretty popular. A lot of people fly out of here,” said Brandon Barrentine, the U.S. Ground Services Regional Manager.

Some passengers say they are looking to catch up with old friends.

“Well, a lot of my friends are up there, and we get together and we party together,” said Rey. “I’m 78 years old, so my friends are 80, and I’m the younger one,”

Or some take the flights just to have a little getaway from everyday life.

“Well, I used to do tour buses years ago, and I was in the habit of going out to Caesars, and they offered me some comp trips, and here I am,” said another passenger, Walter Bell.

No matter the reason, the passengers say that they are hoping to hit the jackpot while on vacation.

Barrentine said that they also go to other places, such as Gulf Port or Memphis, but most of their flights are headed to Ceasers in Atlantic City.

The flights are around $400 roundtrip, but Barrentine says some passengers are able to go for free if they hit a certain rank with the casino.