Demos and Real Game Online Slots: What Is the Difference?

Demos and Real Game Online Slots: What Is the Difference?

The online gambling industry is evolving withtime. This implies new improvements are being made and new features are beingintroduced. One of the most popular online gambling games is video slots.Players will find two different versions of these – demo and real money versions.

What Are DemoSlots?

Demo slot machine is developed just like the regular one. The primary difference is that it doesn’t allow real money betting. Demo online casino slots incorporate playing coins instead of any currency used for betting. As this is only digitized and no actual cash is deposited, it doesn’t offer cash out. This version enables the player to test their luck without risking anything. So, gamblers can use this to get to know the game, e.g. demo Solar Disc slot. Most of the demo slots that are available come with the same symbols and paylines as the real money version.

What Are Real Money Slots?

This version of online casino slots can begambled for cash and is available at all onlinecasinos. Wheneveryou win any money, you will be able to cash it out. It offers a real gamblingexperience. In order to play for money, you need to deposit a specificamount to your casino account and use it for gambling.

Demo vs RealMoney Slots

Both free and real money slots have someadvantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the details.

● Risk

One of the primary benefits of free titles isthat it can be tried without spending any cash. Hence, there is no riskinvolved in terms of cash as you are playing with credits. It is not difficultto understand how credit works. In most of the casinos, one credit is equal toone dollar or pound. The downside of this version, as you play with credits, you will win only credits.Even if you drop a great winning combo, you will not be able to cash out yourwins. This can be disappointing at times.

However, when it comes to real titles, punterswill have to spend a minimum amount required by the casino to bet on a particular title. This meansthat if you lose, you will lose cash. But, if you win, you will easily be ableto cash it out.

● Variance

Not every game has been created equally. Thus, when you try out a free mode, you will be able to judge the variance of the title. Variance and volatility is the amount of risk and rewards involved that a game offers to a player. Casino games that offer many small but frequent wins are called titles with low variance. Here hardly any big wins occur. On the other hand, high variance games offer bigger prizes but are infrequent. In case you have a small budget and want to play for as long as you can, you should go for low variance. However, high rollers might be fonder of high variance slots.

Coming back to the topic, it is often by gambling that punters will be ableto understand the variance of the title. This is when free titles prove to beuseful. Punters will not have to bet real cash and risk it in the process ofgauging the variance.

● Fun

Playing demo slots are great fun. A majority ofthe video slots that are available are much like video games. They have highdefinition graphics and an exceptional soundtrack. Also, they come in a widerange of themes. It is possible to enjoy all these without worrying about yourbankroll. Whether you win or lose, it doesn’tmatter. You will be able to enjoy gambling on it.

Real money titles can be thrilling. You bet cash and the excitement of landing a winning combo is unparalleled. However, one thing that always goes on at the back of your mind and that is if you fail to land a winning combo, you will lose all the money you have bet. This can be a little stressful at times, particularly for high rollers.

● Features

Different games come with different features.What is exciting for some might not be so for others. This is the reason manypunters like to know about the features available in a game before investingcash on it. This is possible through demo slots. Without even spending a singlepenny on the games, you can learn about the different features of the title. Ifyou do not like any feature, you can simply shift to some other game.

However, with real money games, shifting fromone title to another can lead to a financial burdenand is not a feasible option.

● Gaming Experience

No doubt, demo slots offer the same features asthe full version titles. However, real money versions are always more exciting.In fact, it gives you an adrenaline rush. Thus, it provides punters with bettergaming experience. It gives the feeling of playing in a real casino.

Demo slots, on the other hand, can be playedfor pure fun during yourpastime.

● Bonuses

When you play with cash, you will be able toenjoy the bonuses that are provided by the casino. This can be either a cashbonus or free spins bonus. These are only applicable when you try out the fullversion slots. These bonuses help you to win more money on a particular slot.

By playing for free, you will miss out on the bonus and promotional offers provided by the casino.

Where Can You Play Demo and Real Cash Slots?

Most of the online casinos provide the playerswith free, as well as full versions of a slot. Simply open a casino site,choose the game that you want to play, and it will be ready for playing in a jiffy. For demo games, you might noteven have to register. However, for the full versions, you will have to sign-upwith the site to make a deposit.

Both versions use a random number generator. This means they will produce a random sequence of numbers. Thus, the outcome in both cases is fair and random. As a matter of fact, games that are available in all reputed casinos are audited regularly for fairness. This audit is done by third-parties, as well as in-house authorities. Thus, there is no need to worry as to whether the games are random or not.


Both of these versions are popular among punters. However, if you are new to online gambling and do not know your way around, it is better to go with the free version. When you have practised enough and have got the hang of it, you can try out the real version. It will allow you to try out different titles before you adapt to certain game selection and theme. If you play the demo version and see that you are winning, you will have a greater chance of winning when playing with cash. The real gambling experience lies in real money slots. However, you will have to make sure that you are choosing the right game.