Demole is Taking NFT Gaming Beyond the Blockchain

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Demole is Taking NFT Gaming Beyond the Blockchain
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The global gaming industry is expected to be worth $300 billion in 2021. The rise of PC hardware and smartphones has made video games more popular than the American film industry. There is also an explosion of the DeFi market and the emergence of gamefi, a revolution in blockchain-based gaming.

Demole is the first 3D role-playing game based on NFT technology. It operates on a play-to-earn basis and allows players to earn money as they play. Demole threatens to bridge the $300 billion gap between blockchain gaming and its non-blockchain counterparts.

Major video-game publishers are using a pay-to-play sales tactic. Blockchain-based NFT gaming has threatened to liberate gaming culture from these profiteering tactics. However, it has not met the graphical and gameplay standards of the existing gaming market.

Demole is a new NFT gaming platform based on BSC. It offers a rich storyline, in-game communication, diverse content and missions. The team behind Demole has long and varied histories in mobile gaming, blockchain development, and marketing and finance. The development of Demoles is overseen by four teams of specialists. They are the developers, digital game artists, a marketing team, the finance team and the token holders.