Defying Expectations: Scorpion Casino's (SCORP) Journey from Presale to Potentially Rivaling Online Casino Titans

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Scorpion Casino continues defying expectations after crossing the impressive $6 million milestone in its fundraising campaign this week.

Investors are hurrying to the platform after learning that it shares a slice of its revenues with all token holders, providing them with a passive income.

In addition, Scorpion Casino also integrates a novel deflationary mechanism into its revenue-sharing model, meaning the token supply continues falling as the platform gains popularity.

Scorpion Casino Continues Defying Expectations After Raising Epic $6 Million

To the surprise of many, Scorpion Casino recently crossed the $6 million milestone this week as the presale approaches its final few days of operation.

A flurry of latecomers has flooded into the presale to get a piece of the revenue-sharing token generated from profits made at the casino.

Scorpion Casino intends to build the number one social gambling platform where players can earn a passive income through revenues generated. As a result, all $SCORP holders will receive a passive income, which rises as the platform grows in adoption.

The team has stated that the maximum upside to individual passive income is capped at an extraordinary $10,000 USDT per day when the casino hits max capacity.

Crypto-Based Casino Built to Rival Heavyweight Platforms

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Scorpion Casino is turning heads after investors realize that it’s a professional-grade platform built to rival the heavyweights in the sector.

For example, Scorpion Casino is connected to the same major gaming providers used by its online casino giant rivals, such as AMATIC and Evolution. This allows the platform to offer its users up to 200 highly-polished casino games, including popular titles like blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots.

The casino is also connected to BetRadar, offering a sportsbook with up to 30,000 betting options. As a result, sports fans can place wagers on the outcome of their favorite sports matches, covering popular sports like football, tennis, boxing, and MMA.

There are also an additional 160 live games for players to enjoy with others through the gaming providers.

It’s also important to note that Scorpion Casino is ahead of the curve after getting its platform fully licensed, with its credentials obtained from the Curacao eGaming licensing entity. As a result, investors won’t have to worry about incoming regulatory security once the casino becomes mainstream.


Finally, Scorpion Casino is backed by a heavyweight incubator called Tenset, which previously helped projects like Meta Hero surge by over 100x and enter the top 250-ranked projects. Investors believe that a Tenset push can help $SCORP achieve similar gains.

How Does $SCORP Provide a Passive Income?


Scorpion Casino provides holders of its $SCORP token a passive income through its revenue-sharing model.

The team will use a percentage of the platform revenues generated to buy back $SCORP tokens from the open market.

The buybacks provide a form of consistent demand for $SCORP, helping to create a stabilized price floor.

Once bought, the team will distribute half of the tokens purchased to all $SCORP stakers on the network, providing them with a passive income. The other half is sent to a burner wallet, removing $SCORP from circulation and creating deflation within the ecosystem.

Together, the rising demand and falling supply are expected to create a base for consistent value appreciation for $SCORP.

Get Positioned Today Before Presale Closes


The $SCORP token is still available to purchase at presale prices, although it’s quickly nearing its final stages.

The token is essential to the platform as it provides utility in the form of being a revenue-distribution asset, default payment currency, and betting currency.

The token can currently be purchased for $0.04.

In addition, if you buy more than $1,000 $SCORP in the presale, you will automatically be enrolled into the Elite Scorpion Members Club, which provides perks like VIP Services, cashback on the Casino, and extra staking rewards.

Finally, investors can quote the exclusive bonus code “Scorpion20” to get an extra 20% SCORP on their investment for a limited time.

Overall, with its intuitive revenue-sharing model, deflationary tokenomics structure, heavyweight partnerships, and professional-grade platform, Scorpion Casino is ready to lead the crypto casino bull run in 2024 as it seeks to establish itself as a leader in the space.

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