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The Tech Behind Slot Games

Online casinos make use of some advanced technology to make their games available to so many. From the graphics to the sound effects and game mechanics, game developers put a lot of time and effort into creating these games. There are hundreds of casino game development companies, ranging from small independent developers to large global companies.…
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The Tech Behind Slot Games

Top Online Casino Games in 2021

Choosing a casino game is like selecting a car. It all depends on your taste. Maybe you want a cheap, reliable car. Perhaps you want a flashy, prestigious SUV. Either way, you want something that suits your taste as much as it has a great reputation. The same thing applies to casino games. There are lots of popular options. However, choose a game…
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Online Casino Industry Trends and Growth 2020/21

The online gambling industry has grown beyond the limits of our imagination, thanks to the internet and advancement in technology. Europe's online gaming has particularly undergone exponential growth with many countries emerging as important online-gambling markets, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, among others. Looking at new casinos…
Online Casino Industry Trends and Growth 2020/21