Bison Bonanza produces second big jackpot win this week
Bison Bonanza produces second big jackpot win this week
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Wow! A nice Progressive Jackpot win just occurred for the second time this week.

Early this morning, a lucky player from Greensboro bought a $5 Bison Bonanza ticket and won a $33,141 jackpot prize. The odds of that win are 1 in 711,111.

On Monday morning a Cary woman won a $736,874 jackpot prize playing Bison Bonanza.

Both Bison Bonanza and the new Wheel of Bonuses games feature a Progressive Jackpot with three different levels that can be won. The three jackpots start at the levels listed below and keep growing until they are hit and then reset.

  • BIG Jackpot: $300
  • MAJOR Jackpot: $5,000
  • EPIC Jackpot: $50,000

Each level can be won by itself while the other levels continue to grow. After this morning’s win, the MAJOR jackpot level reset to $5,000.

Players can choose how much they want to wager with the price of a play ranging from 50 cents to $30.

With the recent addition of Wheel of Bonuses, you now have 21 digital instant games to enjoy. Click HERE to check out all the games and let’s see if we can get a third big jackpot win this week!