Best CSGO Gambling Sites

Best CSGO Gambling Sites
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The beautiful game has an unparalleled ability to unite people across cultures, transcending borders and languages in a celebration of skill, strategy and teamwork. 

However, as technology advances, a new form of competition has emerged from the digital landscape — the world of esports. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), a first-person shooter game, has risen to prominence as a competitive powerhouse, captivating audiences with its intensity and strategic depth. 

We have been writing about CSGO gambling websites for quite some time, although it can be a controversial topic within the community. Like it or not, players are going to gamble skins regardless, so our aim is to point you in the right direction of the most trustworthy sites.

We now have the latest version of the game Counter Strike Global Offensive 2, or in short, CS2, which has really driven up the number of players in the game currently, even with the teething issues. Skins shot up in value with news of the new release, which has driven more players toward CSGO gambling websites.

The Best CSGO Gambling Sites (Updated)

We have tested every CSGO Gambling site available with some mixed results and features. We have also put together a short review on each site so you can know what to expect. Please find our list of the most trusted sites with the best features, including some exclusive promo codes if you want something extra with your first deposit.

●    CSGO500: Best Overall CSGO Gambling Site - VIP Code CSGO500MAX

●    CSGOLuck: Best New CSGO Gambling Site - VIP Code CSGOMAX

●    CSGO Fast: Best CSGO Gambling Games - Code CSGOMAX

●    Clash.GG: Best Daily Promotions - Code CSGOMAX

●    CSGORoll: Biggest Giveaways - Code CSGOMAX

●    Gamdom: Fastest Deposits and Withdrawals - Code CSGOMAX

500 Casino (CSGO 500) - Best Overall CSGO Gambling Site

500 Casino has so much to offer you as a player from the huge range of games, sportsbook, and payment methods they really are unmatched in this space. This site offers the largest range of games by a long shot, which includes slots from big providers such as Pragmatic Play to live casino from Evolution Gaming it's hard to look past 500 Casino as the best choice to try out.

The Sportsbook offers everything from professional CSGO tournaments to weekly football, tennis, NFL, basketball, and more. You will also find the biggest giveaways at this site, which are usually around $250,000 per month shared amongst the community, which goes up to a huge $500,000 in December!

This casino holds a license in Curacao, which is registered in Cyprus, to ensure you have protection as a player. We found too many CSGO betting sites with no licenses, which leaves you unprotected.

CSGO Luck - Best New CSGO Gambling Site

CSGO Luck is quite new to the CSGO gambling scene and has gone from strength to strength. Like with 500 Casino, this site does hold a license from Curacao to ensure your safety but also includes some familiar features.

You will find a whole host of games from the providers, such as Pragmatic Play, but you will also find some features here that won’t be seen at CSGO 500, such as case opening and case battles.

If you are more inclined to open cases with skins being your main focus, then this site would suit you more than 500, but you won’t find the same range of games and sportsbook available.

CSGO Fast - Best CSGO Gambling Games

CSGO Fast has been around for quite some time now, with its only focus being Counter-Strike-related games. You won’t find any outsourced software at this site everything has been designed in-house.

Despite the lack of 3rd party software, we did find a great range of games such as roulette, crash, Plinko, tower, plus many more. You will find around 18 games in total. Now we know this site may not be as exciting as the others from an aesthetic perspective if you are looking for simplicity, then this would be our choice. - Best Daily Promotions really excels when it comes to daily rewards, with free cases and skins available at this site. Clash has quite a few different games on offer, from case battles to roulette it has most players covered with the choices.

If you are looking for a solid site with an active chat room and easy-to-navigate between games, then Clash is a great option. It doesn’t offer the same number of games compared with other CSGO gambling sites, so please take this into consideration if you prefer slots and table games.

CSGORoll - Best Giveaways

CSGORoll has been around for quite some time now, with a huge number of players on the site daily. Due to the volume of players they have on a daily basis, this opens up the ability to offer you some great giveaways throughout the year.

You will find a good selection of CSGO-focused games here from Plinko, Crash, and Dice but also a sportsbook which not many sites offer.

Gamdom - Fastest Deposits and Withdrawals

Gamdom is the best option if you want the quickest withdrawals and deposits in the CSGO gambling market. You will find options such as crypto, skins, and eWallets such as Skrill, EcoPayz, Visa, Qiwi, plus many more.

When it comes to game variety, Gamdom is up there with 500 Casino with a huge range available from all the top software providers, plus a fully functioning sportsbook. If you are looking for a choice of games and a great payment system, then Gamdom comes highly recommended.

How Did We Choose The Best CSGO Gambling Sites?

The main focus when selecting the best CSGO sites was always how trustworthy is this website which always leads us down the license path. For any site with 3rd party games, we would expect a license to be present.

Outside of being trustworthy, we have checked forums, other websites, Reddit, Twitter, you name it. We checked to see how other players felt about particular sites. It’s not always going to be good reviews it's the nature of gambling when people lose, they suddenly don’t like a website.

First-hand testing, as always, we put up our own money and skins testing both methods for deposits/withdrawals to see if we found any sticking points involved, such as delays, but everything went super quick whether you prefer crypto, debit card, or skins.

What Games Are Available?

You will have seen in our brief reviews above we mention some of the games available at the best sites, which are mostly centered around popular games you would see at any top-end online casino.

This includes table games such as roulette or a CSGO version of this game to blackjack and crash games which have risen in popularity over the past few years.

Not all sites will offer everything like case opening or live table games, but that’s why we try to put in some variety so at least 1 site covers what you may be looking for. You can find more details about the particular games found below.

CSGO Crash

Would you like to try your hand at easily multiplying your stake by x1000 or more? If so, you'll be a huge fan of CSGO Crash. The way this game functions is as follows: After you place your bet, the round begins, the multiplicator—typically a spaceship or rocket —begins to rise from 1x. If you decide to end the game, all you have to do is click "Cash Out," and the most recent multiplicator will be applied to your stake.

In the event that you bet $10 and cashed out at x50, the website will immediately give you $500. But, you will forfeit your initial bet if you don't pay out before the multiplicator crashes—hence the game's name.

CSGO Roulette

You can win up to 14 times your stake in the CSGO edition of the popular online casino roulette game. All you have to do is place your stake on red, black or green, watch the roulette wheel spin to see which color has won. When it comes to the multiplier red and black will return 2 times your stake and green will return 14 times your stake. All of the websites that we suggest, including CSGOLuck, CSGORoll, CSGO500, and CSGOFast, have this game available.

CSGO Coinflip

Since you can play against other users, this CSGO gambling game falls under the PvP category. To begin playing, simply choose the skins or cases you want to bet on, start a duel, wait for another player or users to join, and then play. You will be required to select and flip a side of the coin; if it lands on your side, you will be the winner of all the skins and cases.

Because it's simple to play and you can easily win a lot of skins and cases, it's one of the most popular games at our suggested CS:GO casinos. You can play against 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 or even more players.


The main distinction between this game and CSGO coinflip is that in this game, you must toss dice to determine the winner rather than flipping a coin. Just select the skins or cases you want to bet on, initiate a duel, wait for other players to join, and then engage in combat.

Whoever rolls the highest number after the duel begins will win all of the wagered skins or cases. In the event that you roll the dice and receive a 5, while your opponent receives a 4, you would win the entire pot right away.

You have the same option to let other users join the duel as Coinflip. While the odds for each user will decrease as a result, the pot's worth will rise dramatically.

CSGO Case Battles

This is yet another well-liked PvP CSGO gambling game. It functions similarly to dice and coinflip, with the exception that you can only bet on CSGO situations. You just need to wait for another user or users to join the battle after choosing the CSGO cases you want to wager on and starting the combat.

All users will have to begin opening the wagered cases once the duel begins, and the player who unboxes the most valued skins will win everything.

Because you can easily win far more than just twice your initial wager, CSGO gamblers adore this game. Because you can wind up unboxing expensive skins and things, depending on the cases you select.

CSGO Mines

In order to play this classic game at CSGO casinos, you must first place a wager, either with coins, cash, or skins. To begin clearing the field, you must click on the tiles. The more tiles you remove without running into a mine, the bigger your payment will be.

You have the option to cash out at any point during the game, but keep in mind that you must clear at least 50% of the field in order to receive a large payoff.

The field's dimensions, which can vary from 3 by 3 to 6 by 6 or even larger, can also be changed to further personalize the experience.

CSGO Slots

Additionally, you can play slots at the CSGO gambling sites that we recommend. Both CSGO-specific slots and slots from more established providers like Microgaming or NetEnt are available. The ease with which you can wager your skins is what makes this different.

CSGO Jackpot

All you have to do to win a significant amount of skins or cases or cash is to purchase entries for the CSGO Jackpot, which is a simple way to gain both. The winner is then announced by the system. You can play CSGO Jackpot games at any time of day on our suggested sites, which are available 24/7.

What Bonuses Are Available at CSGO Gambling Sites?

You will find a wide range of bonuses available at CSGO Gambling Sites this usually comes down to what features a particular site offers. You will find offers ranging from deposit match bonuses, free skins, free cases, free coins, and free spins.

If we look at 500 Casino as an example, this website does not offer cases so you wouldn’t receive any free skins here, but they do offer a 100% deposit match bonus plus 50 free spins on your first deposit when you use the promo code noted above.

CSGO Gambling Sites Payment Methods

When it comes to payment methods at CSGO gambling sites, you have some great options available, from using skins to crypto, such as Bitcoin, but also debit cards.

We found crypto withdrawals very quick, with most sites completing the withdrawal within 30 minutes. If you are looking to withdraw via skins, then it does take considerably longer to hit your Steam account. Please note most sites will allow you to deposit using debit cards but may not let you withdraw back to your account, which leaves the option for withdrawals as either skins or crypto.

CSGORoll, for example, will only let you withdraw using skins but will allow various deposit methods such as PayPal, Trustly, Google Pay, and Skrill, to name a few. Please take this into consideration when checking all the sites mentioned above. You can find more details about the different methods below and anything to look out for.

CSGO Skins

The primary method for deposits and withdrawals from CSGO gambling sites is through skins. You can deposit and withdraw skins easily when you connect your Steam account to your chosen gambling site. You can also use your Steam account to sign up and log in.


Cryptocurrency deposits are available at every CSGO gambling site we tested but are not always available on withdrawals. You can use coins such as Doge, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USDT. We found this to be one of the quickest options for withdrawals.

Credit and Debit Cards

You can use nearly all debit cards, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro, to make deposits at most sites that we have selected. Most sites don’t allow debit card withdrawals, so please consider this before playing, as you may have to withdraw in either crypto or skins plus, you may find some sites will incur additional charges for card processing fees.


Payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Venmo, and EcoPayz are available at most CSGO gambling websites. They can be used for both deposits and withdrawals depending on the website, as not all will allow withdrawals using eWallets. This can be another quick way to deposit and withdraw funds like crypto mentioned above.

Pay by Mobile

Most of the CSGO gambling sites that we recommend allow you to fund your account with Google Play or Apple Pay. The main advantage is that you can quickly and easily make deposits from your tablet or smartphone using only a few clicks, all without sharing your credit card information. But keep in mind that this payment option only accepts deposits.

Gift Cards

Additionally, you have the choice to fund your account at sites such as CSGORoll, by purchasing gift cards from suppliers like The primary benefits here are that since you won't be using any of our personal payment methods, you can add an extra degree of protection and maintain control over your spending.

Bank Transfer

If you would prefer to make a payment with a regular bank transfer, some websites also accept this method of deposit. Not many sites will offer this method due to the speed of deposits this could take a few days to clear and we haven’t seen any offer this for withdrawals so we would recommend avoiding this payment method.


Our advice would be never to gamble more than you are willing to lose. We don’t advocate excessive gambling in any way, but we understand for most people, this is a form of enjoyment or a way to get some social interaction through the chat rooms available on these sites. If you do find yourself in some trouble, we have listed some helpful websites below that specialize in problem gambling. Stay safe!