Best Blackjack Gambling Sites in 2021

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Best Blackjack Gambling Sites in 2021
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Blackjack is the most popular casino-banked game in the world. It's easy to learn and once you know the basics, you can play it at any NJ online casino.

There is at least one form of blackjack available at every NJ online casino listed in the table.

Online Blackjack basics: The objective in BlackJack is to beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21 points.

Cards 2 to 9 keep their face value. 10s, jacks, queens and kings count as 10 points each. Aces are more flexible and can serve as either a 1 or 11. Being dealt an ace + any 10-value card for your first two cards gives you 21 and an automatic win.

After placing a bet, the first round of cards are dealt. Players are given the options to stand, hit, double down, split, surrender and re-split. If a player busts after hitting, they automatically win the hand. If the dealer and player finish the game with the same point value, their bet is refunded and the hands are considered a push. The dealer will collect the wager from the player and end the match.

Players can stand, hit, double down, split, surrender and re-split. Insurance is offered when the dealer's up card is an A and allows you to place a side bet that the dealers down card's value is a 10.

The dealer deals himself an 8 to make his hand a total of 17. He is refunded his bet.   For example, you are dealt A-6 and you decide to push with the dealer and are refunding your bet as both hands are of equal value.

Advantages of playing Online Blackjack in New Jersey include: Play anytime/anywhere, play for free, and bonuses. Black Jack is a game that is affordable and beginner-friendly. It's rare for a retail casino to offer you free money just for walking through the door.

Online casinos offer bets as low as $0.10 and usually no higher than $1.00. Online casinos are budget-friendly and beginner- friendly. Many online casinos allow you to play a demo mode where you are betting play money. Every online casino in New Jersey offers free money just for walking in the door.

Standard Blackjack Variations are the main variations of blackjack that you'll find at most NJ online casinos.

Single Hand Blackjack is a bare bones blackjack variant. There are no sidebets, only one deal per hand and a similar pay table to what you would expect to find in any live casino. IGT Single Hand black jack allows you to customize your settings for game speed, felt color, sounds and you can even turn insurance off to speed up the deals.

Multihand Blackjack is similar to single hand blackjack but allows you to play up to three hands per deal. Black Jack pays 3:2, dealer stands on all 17s, single card only when splitting aces and multiple splits on other pairs.

There are many variations of NJ online blackjack that allow you to place sidebets.

Blazing 7s Blackjack is one of the sidebet games available online in New Jersey. It pays out when sevens are dealt during the original deal. Cash Queens at Borgata Casino and BetMGM blackjack pay 500:1 if you are dealing a pair of queens and the dealer shows black jack.

First two cards of the same suit are 7s and the dealer upcard is 7.

Blackjack Xchange allows you to buy and sell cards to improve your hand or lock-in profits. The prices for buying and selling cards will vary depending on how much that particular card helps or hurts your situation against the dealers up card.

Live dealer blackjack is a live casino gaming experience. It's a game played by real live human dealers. All bets are made virtually. The game is faster and the payouts are done automatically.

There are some tips on how to play blackjack. Always assume that the dealer's facedown card is a 10. Hit on a soft 17. Double down on 11. Never take insurance.

Always assume that the dealer's facedown card is a 10. Stand pat on a hard 17 or higher. Hit on 16 when holding a 16 point hand. Double down on 11. Never stand on 12 through 16 if the card shows a seven or more.

Some blackjack games make slight changes that increase the house edge. Blackjack that pays 6:5 instead of the usual 3:2 is one of them. Dealers hitting on soft 17 cuts into your returns.

Dealers hitting on soft 17 cuts into your returns. The optimal table allows you to resplit on another pair and double down after splitting aces.

Almost every online casino in New Jersey has an associated mobile app for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android powered devices.

There are a few exceptions to the availability of blackjack when you travel outside of New Jersey. DraftKings and FanDuel are legal in Pennsylvania, but other online casinos require you to create a separate account.

Some online casinos allow you to use blackjack to clear bonuses. Some may count the contribution percentage at a lower rate. Others will not count black jackets towards the wagering requirements.