Arizona's Luckiest Casinos Ranked Based on Tripadvisor

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Arizona's Luckiest Casinos Ranked Based on Tripadvisor
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Arizona's casino landscape has undergone significant changes since 1988, when gambling was made legal. By the start of that decade, multiple tribes in Arizona had already installed slots in their casinos.

It’s been a constant upward ride since then. Following its legalization in September 2021, Arizona has also embraced sports betting. By 2023, the market saw $582.9 million in bets and wagers. 

list by the American Gaming Association of how much commercial casino gaming consumers spent in 2021 vs. 2022 had Arizona on top - with an impressive 199.9% increase year to year! The industry additionally supports 51,753 jobs.

Now, we at know the allure of casino locations often lies in their promise of excitement and the potential for big wins. And we just love recommending a place with a proven “luck record."

Let's dive into the data and spotlight some casinos that stand out in the Grand Canyon State.

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Here are the rankings of the "luckiest" and, by default, “unluckiest” casinos in Arizona:

Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino is a top performer!

With 840 reviews on Trip Advisor, of which 606 are glowing four and five-star ratings, this casino distinguishes itself not just with high satisfaction but also with frequent mentions of "luck" and "winning" in reviews—terms like "lucky" and "win" were noted 43 times. Players specifically mentioned "jackpot" 11 times, strengthening the casino's reputation for big payouts.

My wife had a jackpot the first night and I had a jackpot the night before we left, felt good after being beat down in Las Vegas a few days before hand. - said one lucky customer.

Another player favorite is Talking Stick Resort Casino, the largest casino complex in Arizona with 800 slot machines and measuring 500,000 square feet. It  trails closely with 778 reviews and 500 positive endorsements! Players reference luck-related terms here as well, tallying up to 76 mentions. 

The number of times "winner" and "bonus" came up in feedback – 21 and 5, respectively – suggests a winning environment that keeps players engaged.

Casino Del Sol has fewer reviews, 322 to be exact, but still impresses with 220 positive ratings. The mentions of "luck," "won," and "winning" in reviews are a bit lower with 23 mentions, compared to the front runners, but the proportion of favorable feedback highlights consistent player satisfaction. 

Cliff Castle Casino, despite garnering fewer four and five-star reviews, stands out for its mentions of "jackpot" and "hand pay," which are higher than some larger casinos. These terms came up 20 times, suggesting that while it may have a smaller base of rave reviews, its patrons experience memorable wins.

Havasu Landing Casino offers a balanced experience with 156 top-tier reviews out of 361 and an interesting spread of "luck" related terms totaling 73 mentions. The emphasis on "jackpot" and "hand pay" alongside "winner" makes it a hotspot for significant winnings.

Here's the top 5 casinos in Arizona, according to our extensive research:

Methodology: utilized Tripadvisor reviews to do an in-depth analysis of phrases associated with luck to determine the most 'lucky' in Arizona. We calculated the percentage of threat-rated mentions in the total Tripadvisor reviews and calculated the percentages for each establishment. 

Only casinos with a minimum of 5,000 reviews were selected to ensure a fair sample size. 

  • Keywords tracked: Lucky, Luck, Won, Winning, Success, Jackpot, Hand Pay, Winner, Bonus and Profit.

Data was collected and tallied up to April 30, 2024.

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