All Ways Pays Slots

All Ways Pays Slots

The differences between land-based casinos and online casinos seem to be growing daily. Each casino type has its unique features, but one edge that online casinos have is their flexibility. Online casinos, since they are based on tech mostly, are open to all forms of innovations.

Different playing formats are emerging to suit the needs of modern-day casino players. One of these is the creation of All Ways Pays slots. The paylines on slot machines are what determine what a winning combination is.

They are usually predetermined and cannot be changed by a player. All you can do is hope that the results of your spin correspond to any of the existing paylines on the slot. If this happens, then you will be awarded winnings calculated based on the symbols that show up.

In traditional land-based casinos with old slot machines, there was just one payline. It went from left to right across the middle of the three reels of the machine, leaving players with pretty limited chances of winning. Today, most online slot games come with fixed or adjustable paylines, which are usually between 1 and 50. 

Adjustable paylines let you determine the number of active paylines that you want to have on a game. Thus, the chances of casino slot players securing winnings are higher. All Ways Pays slots are taking things up a notch higher with even more chances of winning. If you would like to find out more about these All Ways Pays slots and how to cash out big time on them, please, keep reading. 

The name ‘All Ways Pays’ is an apt description of how this slot type works. Like we already said, the number of paylines in many online slots range from 1 and 50. However, on All Ways Pays, you can have hundreds and even thousands of paylines in a game.

The well-known reel layout on many online video slot games is 5x3 or 5x4. What this means is that you have 3 or 4 symbols on five (5) columns. For you to secure a win, these symbols have to line up in a specific pattern, which would have been predetermined by the game developers. This pattern is the payline; it usually goes from left to right.

In All Ways Pays slot machines, as long as similar symbols appear on consecutive reels, you’ll get paid. Here, any possible combination is a winning combination. Many times, figuring out paylines on the regular online slot games can be tasking for players. All Ways Pays slots eliminate this, helping gamers focus on enjoying the game and getting as many wins as possible.

There are many kinds of All Ways Pays slots which online casino players can try out. The significant difference between these slots is the number of possible winning combinations. They range from hundreds to thousands, yet they’re all vastly higher than the number of paylines that regular online slots offer. Some popular types of All Ways Pays slots are:

243 All Ways Pays Slots

These slots offer you 243 unique ways to have a winning combination on each spin. Right now, these are the most popular All Ways Pays slots. The slots look like regular 5x3 slot machines, but they are slightly different. Here, if three (3) or more matching symbols appear from left to right on consecutive reels, you have a win. The positions of the symbols on the reels do not matter here.

For instance, let’s say you’re playing a 5x3 Fruit All Ways Pays slot with 243 ways to win. In this game, an apple is one of the symbols. If, after spinning, you end up with an apple on the top of reel 1, the same symbol in the middle of reel 2, and at the top of reel 3, you have a win! In regular online slots, if this isn’t a predetermined payline, you don’t have a win, but that doesn’t apply here.

‘243’ is the number of possible winning combinations in the game and is obtained using simple math. If there are five reels each made up of 3 symbols, then each symbol can be combined with one (1) symbol on the other reels. To get the number of possible combinations, multiply three (3) by 3 five times. That’s how ‘243’ was obtained.

1024 All Ways Pays Slots

These slots work just like the 243 All Ways Pays slots that we just described. They’re just as exciting with more winning opportunities. The number of possible winning combinations is 1024, and the reel layout is a 5x4 layout.

Here, there are five reels, each made up of 4 symbol positions. As long as up to 3 or more matching symbols line up from left to right across consecutive reels, you have a win.

3125 All Ways Pays Slot

If you thought that the number of winning combinations on All Ways Pays can not go any higher, here’s a good surprise for you. In these slot games, you have 3125 different winning chances as long as three or more similar symbols appear from left to right on consecutive reels. The reel layout for this kind of slot machine is a 5x5 layout, which accommodates all the winning possibilities.

Also, all these types of All Ways Pays slots are very affordable. Coin values can be adjusted to suit your pocket size, and this does not take away from the number of winning chances available. For instance, Microgaming’s Dolphin Coast, which has 3125 winning possibilities, takes at least 50 coins. Remember, coin denominations can be changed, so it can end up being very affordable for the average player.

There are several benefits that casino lovers stand to gain from playing this new, exciting type of slot game. Some of them are:

Cheaper Wagers

When players first hear of All Ways Pays slots, one thing that they think about is how it affects their pockets. The good news is that although there are multiple ways to win here, you don’t have to place a wager on every payline. You only have to set a flat bet, and you can enjoy all your winnings.

In slot games that have predetermined paylines, you are required to place a bet on every line that you activate. For example, if you activate 20 paylines on a slot and bet 15 coins at £0.01, then your wager for a spin would be £3.00.

However, on a 243 All Ways Pays slot, you can place this same £3.00 wager and still have your 243 winning chances intact. The betting costs may vary from one slot to another, but the mechanism remains the same. Hence, your chances of landing a good payout are increased significantly, yet you don’t have to spend more than you would normally.

Traceable Winnings

Not everyone can memorize the exact paylines that they activated before they begin to spin. Thus, many people aren’t able to keep track of their wins. On All Ways Pays slots, that is one less thing to worry about.

As long as you see similar symbols on consecutive slots, you can be sure that there’s a payout waiting for you. The rules of the game have become so simple; anyone can begin to cash out from their first play.

In a game where every possible combination is a winning combination, it is possible to have wins after every spin. Before this kind of slot game, the existence of paylines restricted winnings to only the activated lines. Now, symbols only need to land on consecutive reels, irrespective of their position.

As long as this happens, a win is guaranteed. The only issue here is that payouts may not be as large as other types of slot games to make up for the frequency of the wins.

When a new impressive feature like All Ways Pays is seen on slots, the removal of other exciting features is expected. Thankfully, that’s not the case. A very notable point about these slots is that bonuses are more lucrative.

For instance, a wild has more chances of appearing among a winning combo than it would on a regular slot machine. Yet, its interesting effect is maintained. Exciting bonus offers such as wilds, scatters, multipliers, and free spins are still available on many All Ways Pays slots. All these ensure that the fun of slots, as we know them, remains intact with even greater chances of securing massive wins.

All Ways Pays slots are the latest trend in slot machine games, and they have only just begun. As more slot reel layouts are developed, it is expected that the types of All Ways Pays will grow too.

Casino software giants like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt have already begun to churn out games with this unique feature. It is only a matter of time before others follow suit, and the games saturate the casino market. In the meantime, you can begin to enjoy the available ones and keep your fingers crossed for so much more.

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