ACP Gaming: Era of exploration

ACP Gaming: Era of exploration
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ACP Gaming is looking to shake up slots play with its innovative new X3 Max product, to be debuted at G2E Asia.

A leading player in the enhancement of land-based casinos’ extraordinary play experience, ACP Gaming is an experimental workshop of ideas.

Unfettered by preconceived industry codes, the creations of the group’s brands – E-Slots, Akash Casino Management System, and X3 Max – represent the answers to the exploration of slots play, at the same time serving as precursors and pioneers of the ever-changing scenarios.

The company’s uniqueness and strengths lie in the diversity of its niched but inspired professionals working in six cities across Asia. Backed by about 2,000 square meters of R&D, production and storage facilities, its capabilities empower ACP to successfully meet or even exceed client expectations.

In this second quarter of 2024, ACP’s newest Product, X3 Max, will be launched at the G2E Asia gaming exhibition in Macau.

For Players, X3 Max is a top enticer that no one has seen before. To increase the opportunity to win, some players prefer to play several slot machines at once. With a higher number of spins per time period of play, the odds of at least one spin turning up a winning combination will be increased.

Typically, a player playing two or more gaming machines at once will move back and forth between the machines for play. There are several disadvantages, however, to this mode of play. First, players may find moving between several machines inconvenient and ergonomically difficult, particularly when a player desires to engage in an increased rate of play. Second, during peak hours, players on multiple machines may prohibit other casino patrons from partaking in and enjoying games of chance on those “partially” occupied machines. Third, from a casino operator’s point of view, multiple machines used for concurrent, but naturally slower, play by a single player may take up valuable floor space that could otherwise be used to optimize revenues.

X3 Max combines the beauty of large-screen display with a plurality of remote slots play at one time. Casinos will experience a new era of increased entertainment value/game progress time.  The generation of the traditional “Single Machine vs Single Player” is now coming to an end.

Besides X3 Max, ACP also boasts the newest form of player tracking technology, using its unique QR Code Login. All fully scalable to meet big or small demands across your floor.

The company’s updated suite of E-Slot software now affords players the ability to remote play all types of Slot Machines and Electronic Tables as long as they follow the SAS protocol, to use Auto-Spin/Turbo-Spin, accumulate Membership Points, win Mystery Jackpots and access game play data “on the go” from any device. Built using fully responsive web-based technology, it is suitable for all iOS, Android and Windows devices, as well as all desktops.

ACP strives to optimize visibility, functionality and player experience for global casino operators. It is a perspective that places at the heart of its inspiring and operative principles the basic values of uncompromised quality, valorization of research and freedom of slots play.