ACMA Blocks Advertising Sites That Promote Illegal Gambling

Author: Live Casino Direct
ACMA Blocks Advertising Sites That Promote Illegal Gambling
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ACMA continues to tighten its measures on illegal betting. It has requested ISPs to block affiliate websites that promote and drive users to online gambling sites and services.

ACMA blocks websites promoting illegal gambling services. The authority has increased its targeting of black market sites this year. Problem gambling and harm related to it is one of the main concerns for Australia. The number of blocked sites will decrease by 95% as of June 2021. It blocked 18 sites in February and ten279 illegal sites as a result.

In March, ACMA flagged certain shortcomings, restricting credit gambling in Australia. Queensland recently announced its four-year gambling harm reduction plan. It focuses on social responsibility for the industry and leveraging technological and collaborative efforts to minimize gambling harms. The measures enforced by ACma include monitoring of the money exchanged between players and operators.